Packing is an essential skill to become a successful business traveler. It involves quick and efficient packing to organize all business travel essentials according to the length and type of the business trip. As most employees and business owners resume work from the office, business travelers are busy creating itineraries and planning long-awaited business trips. The time is perfect to shop for business suitcases that guarantee style, comfort, ease of navigation, durability, security, and volume of space to accommodate your travel essentials. The best business suitcases enable business travelers to swiftly move past departures and security checks to reduce airport time.

Things to consider when buying a really great suitcase for business travel


Business travel allows you to engage with clients, prospects, business associates, and suppliers. It covers a broad spectrum of business objectives such as networking, business expansion, training, and customer service. Business travelers enhance the confidence of clients, who perceive them as the company’s ambassadors.

Being presentable and articulate is crucial while attending client meetings. The best business suitcases ensure that the business traveler can pack and carry business attire, gadgets, and personal necessities easily.

These are vital aspects to consider while shopping for the best business suitcases.

1. Size of business suitcases

Business travelers must chase busy meeting schedules by avoiding checking bags while on a business trip. A carry-on-size suitcase, fitting in the overhead bin or beneath the front seat, is a perfect solution for business travelers. Go for business suitcases that match the airlines’ carry-on size regulations. The maximum permissible carry-on size is 21 inches.

2. Suitcase material

Material plays a crucial role when choosing from among the best business suitcases. You may buy one with a polycarbonate shell or a ballistic rayon. Many business travelers prefer suitcases with soft-side casing for their flexibility and lightweight construction. Hard side-casing makes a suitcase a bit heavier but has excellent impact resistance.

3. Ease of packing

Business travelers carry several items besides business clothes and casuals. A laptop is a standard necessity for them. A business suitcase must enable the packing of all these items for an organized business travel. The suitcase should maintain clothes in proper wrinkle-free condition. The compartments allow easy access to various items.

4. Ease of navigation

Business suitcases should boost mobility as business travelers move across busy airports and railway stations. Spinning wheels and telescopic handles support smooth navigation with towing comfort. Check handles with multiple positions to enhance traveling comfort.

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Top business suitcases for corporate travel


Here is a list of the top business suitcases that suit multiple tastes and preferences of business travelers.

1. Carry-on suitcase with soft-side casing

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Soft-side Suitcase (21-inch)

The Travelpro Maxlite 21 inches suitcase is the top soft-side suitcase for discerning business travelers who like the comfort of traveling light. It is compatible with most airlines’ carry-on size restrictions and blends robustness with lightweight construction. The expandable design allows business travelers to carry special gifts for friends and family while returning from the business trip. It has spacious interiors with hold-down straps for ease of packing. The four 360-degree spinning wheels enhance navigation.

2. Luxury suitcase for business travelers

Rimowa Original Cabin Twist

Business travelers with a taste for luxury and functionality must try Rimowa Original Cabin Twist with leather handles and an anodized finish for classy looks. It is a lightweight beauty providing superior flexibility of Flex Divider to pack your precious attire in impeccable condition. The super-smooth telescopic handles and spinning wheels make the Rimowa a pleasure to carry during business trips.

3. Business suitcase with hard-side casing

Amazon Basics Hardside carry-on suitcase (21 inches)

Business travelers who prefer the sturdy and impact-resistant hard-side business suitcase should consider Amazon Basics Hardside carry-on suitcase as the top option. It combines the toughness of the shell with the convenience of an expandable design, providing 15 percent extra space. The smooth rolling double-spinner wheels allow mobility in all directions. The sturdy expandable handle allows seamless maneuverability and an additional short handle for quick and easy lifting.

4. Eco-friendly business suitcase

Ecoalf Small Trolley

Environment-conscious business travelers will love Ecoalf Small Trolley which has amazing functionality. It has 100 percent recycled polyester, with over one-third of the material from the ocean bottom. Business travelers can access maximum space in the main compartment because of soft dividers and straps. The business suitcase has a multiple-position extendable handle and four wheels for seamless mobility. Pack several items with ease using internal and external zip pockets for quick accessibility.


Business suitcases improve the travel experience by enabling travelers to pack clothes and important gadgets efficiently and travel without hassles. The best business suitcases in all categories provide outstanding features and functionalities. One must consider the travel objectives and duration of business trips while selecting an appropriate business suitcase. Assessing the looks, durability, and functionality of business suitcases is a must whether you want to check the luggage or take your carry-on suitcase inside the plane.

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Business Suitcases FAQs

Which are the three most popular luggage brands?

Samsonite, American Tourister, and Rimowa are the most popular luggage brands.

What are common types of travelers?

Adventure travelers, leisure travelers, and business travelers are common types of travelers.

Which is the best business suitcase in the budget category?

Amazon Basics is among the best budget suitcases.

What material is appropriate for hard-shell suitcases?

Polycarbonate ABS scores on top in durability. It can withstand the rigors of frequent travel.

What is the difference between checked baggage and cabin baggage?

Airlines keep checked baggage in a separate compartment and deliver it to passengers after the flight lands. Passengers carry cabin baggage or hand baggage with them on the plane during the flight.


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