Dubai is a popular destination for business travelers as the city is home to several business organizations besides a top venue for annual conferences, trade fairs, incentive tourism, and exhibitions. Supportive laws, tax incentives, and a strategic location are a few factors for Dubai’s rapid growth as a global business hub. Visiting Dubai on a business assignment requires thorough planning in advance, including a business visa to Dubai.

Proper planning is essential to avoid stress and inconvenience during a business trip to Dubai. A Dubai business visa enables business travelers and entrepreneurs to stay in Dubai to meet business objectives. The visa enables you to leverage the benefits of Dubai’s tax-free economy for setting up and running a successful business venture in Dubai.

Types of business visa

A business visa allows entrepreneurs and business travelers to enter Dubai to stay for a specific period. The major options for various business visas are:

1. Dubai visit visas

These are suitable for business travelers visiting Dubai to explore business opportunities. These can be single or multiple-entry visas according to the requirement of the visitors. Multiple entry business visa help business travelers attend conferences, trade exhibitions, and business meetings with partners, clients, and business associates. Multiple entry  business visa to Dubai price is nearly double the single entry visa.

2. Resident visas

Free-zone and mainland visas are company-sponsored visas to stay in Dubai as residents. Company owners, entrepreneurs, and shareholders can get a free-zone visa to enter and live in the free zones in Dubai. It is valid for three years. Mainland visa for ex-pat business owners requires a local sponsor for getting a visa on behalf of their company in Dubai. Green visas and golden visas are self-sponsored visas. A green visa is suitable for skilled employees with a valid employment contract to stay in Dubai for up to five years. The golden visa allows investors, technocrats, scientists, and startup founders to stay in Dubai for the long term.

3. Common Dubai business visas

  • 14 days single entry visas- for visiting Dubai to attend a conference or meeting
  • 14 days multi-entry visas- for frequent business visits in a brief span.
  • 30 days single entry visas- for a quick business trip to cover multiple business assignments
  • 30 days multiple entry business visa- Ideal for international business travelers planning to visit Dubai more than once within 30 days.
  • 60 days single entry business visa- The single entry business visa allows you to stay for up to two months for looking after your business in Dubai
  • 90 days single entry visit visa- Most business owners and investors prefer this option for exploring investment opportunities or establishing a business venture.
  • 90 days multiple entry long-term visa- The visa allows travel across UAE and neighboring destinations. You can make stopovers in between before returning to Dubai. It is suitable for multiple travel modes such as air, road, or sea. The Dubai business visa processing time ranges between one to two months.

Dubai business visa benefits


Business travelers can explore the myriad of Dubai business visa benefits to help businesses grow their profits and network. You can ensure unlimited access to the fastest-growing market of the UAE with several tax benefits. The business-friendly environment of Dubai provides a perfect ground to establish a business.

A business visa allows seamless travel between neighboring countries, besides eligibility to stay in Dubai for a longer period. A Dubai business visa helps business travelers plan their itineraries to meet business associates or prospects on a single trip or multiple trips. Entrepreneurs can access competitive business set-up packages, tax incentives, and support from trade associations like the Chamber of Commerce by getting a business visa. Dubai’s free trade zones are perfect for establishing startup ventures.

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A business visa  is a crucial requirement for entering Dubai, depending on the country of citizenship. Applicants of Dubai business visa can also explore long-term visas for themselves and their dependents. Entrepreneurs can get long-term residency benefits by obtaining a business visa. Dubai offers ex-pats, multiple tax benefits and networking opportunities to set up and grow new business ventures. The business visa to Dubai allows the UAE to welcome business owners, skilled employees, investors, and technocrats to explore growth opportunities. Business employees can use Paxes to book their flights and ease the booking process. The platform also helps in maintaining travel expense incurred by the employee to the business for ease of management.

Business Visa To Dubai FAQs

Does a tourist visa allow an individual to start a business in Dubai?

A tourist visa does not entitle an individual to start a business in Dubai.

Is an online facility available to apply for a Dubai business visa?

An online application facility is available for a business visa to Dubai. However, one should visit a visa office for the submission of biometrics.

How long is a visa valid before entering Dubai?

Most visas to Dubai have a two months validity from the day of issue. A transit visa is valid for up to thirty days.

Which countries are the most important trading partners of the UAE?

The USA, Germany, China, India, Japan, and South Korea are the principal trading partners of UAE.

Is it possible to get a visa on arrival in Dubai?

Visa on arrival is available for individuals with citizenship in select countries.


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