Corporate flight booking is an exclusive facility for organizations that require employees to undertake frequent business trips to meet diverse corporate objectives. Several airlines operate corporate flier programs to benefit regular business travelers. The programs aim to provide an excellent travel experience to employees who must arrive fresh at the business destination for greater productivity. There are several corporate flight booking benefits besides special fares, discounts, and reward points to enable organizations to save on travel costs. Business travelers can avail of corporate flight benefits regardless of class of air travel on many flights. Employees need not worry about how to book corporate flight tickets if they have access to online booking platforms. The SaaS-based business travel platforms allow self-booking facilities to employees.

What is corporate flight bookings?

Corporate flight booking includes the booking of flights tickets for business related activities. The employees travel for various events, client meetings, and other branding purposes regularly. Hence, airlines provide  numerous options to book affordable flights for such activities known as corporate flight bookings.

 How to book corporate flight tickets?

There are many ways to corporate air ticket booking. Travel managers can talk to the travel agencies and let them book the tickets as per the organization requirements. There are various travel platforms where employees can directly book their travels with adherence to the corporate travel policies.

Corporate flight booking benefits for employees and company


Companies can avail of several corporate flight booking benefits subject to a few or no special conditions or payment of additional charges. These benefits are also available for small and medium businesses besides large corporate organizations. The following benefits are available for corporate customers according to the individual airline’s corporate flier program.

1. Maximize savings

Employees and the company can earn reward points and frequent flier miles to improve the cost efficiency of the business travel program.

2. Simplify corporate air travel bookings

Airlines operating corporate flights offer a dedicated portal to corporate organizations for making and managing corporate bookings, adding corporate travelers, reviewing travel expenses, and redeeming reward points.

3. Larger baggage facilities

Corporate flyers can enjoy a free extra baggage allowance, more than the standard limit. They can board with a larger cabin bag to carry a laptop, and other office accessories during air travel.

4. Seat selection

Corporate flight booking benefits include choice of seats or rows. The feature is free of cost. You can book a seat near the exit, to get extra legroom paying no charges.

5. Faster boarding and exit

Business travelers can access corporate flight booking benefits like priority check-in and check-out. Some airlines may provide priority baggage checking at the bag carousel to begin their business assignments without long delays.

6. Lounge access

Corporate flyers may have lounge access equipped with modern facilities. They can use the lounge to catch up on work during the layover time.

7. Ease of rescheduling business trips

Corporate flyers need not pay corporate flight booking cancellation charges or flight change charges to enjoy no or less rescheduling charges for their business trips.


Companies can reap corporate flight booking benefits by leveraging corporate flier programs or airline business loyalty programs. These are equivalent to frequent flier programs for individual air travelers. Depending upon the purchase of travel, companies earn reward points to avail of a broad spectrum of perks. Organizations can benefit from automatic status upgrades, free flights, and access to club memberships, while employees earn frequent flier miles. Small and medium businesses should explore the availability of business flier programs with their preferred air travel suppliers.

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Corporate Flight Booking Benefits FAQs

Which Airlines operate corporate flier programs?

Vistara, Alaska Air, IndiGo, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines, and SpiceJet are a few airlines operating corporate flier programs.

What is a corporate flight booking?

Corporate flight booking enables organizations to book flights at special rates to optimize travel costs.

Can an individual air traveler get the benefit of corporate flight tickets?

No, corporate flight tickets apply to companies taking part in the corporate air travel program, from a particular airline.

What are various business travel objectives?

Business travel objectives include business expansion, vendor development, meetings, conferences, trade exhibitions, training programs, and incentive travel.

Why does a flight price increase in dynamic pricing?

The price of a flight may increase in dynamic pricing if several people are trying to book tickets for the same flight. Besides special rates, discounts, and reward points, there are other advantages for booking corporate flights that help businesses reduce their travel expenses.

Do flight prices go down at night?

No. Generally, the flight tickets depends on the factors like demand, supply, date of flight. However, some airlines can offer cheaper nighttime tickets.

Do flights get cheaper closer to date?

Normally, tickets get costlier as the date of flight approaches. However, some flights can reduce their prices for unsold tickets.


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