Companies plan a corporate outing to reward hard-working employees for their devotion. A pleasant natural setting of a holiday destination such as a park, beach, or resort at a hill station can boost team spirit to facilitate higher productivity.

Team-building activities like corporate outing events are excellent opportunities for building robust bonds outside the mundane office environment. Traveling to the holiday destination, taking part in fun activities, and staying together can go a long way in motivating and engaging employees.

Whether a team-building day out or an overnight tour, one needs careful planning by considering minute details to make the outing a grand success. Planning team-building outings require organizing team members, selecting activities, arranging food and beverages for the group, and booking group travel. Using a corporate travel platform like Paxes streamlines the planning and execution of a corporate outing tour.

How to plan a corporate outing


There is no point rushing things at the eleventh hour during a corporate outing. Planning allows you to take care of transportation, accommodation, activities, and other necessities. Informing team members in advance and updating them about the details helps improve their participation. Luxury resorts are ideal locations for a large corporate team outing. Negotiate for amenities like free Wi-Fi, access to a swimming pool, spa, and airport transfers for the convenience of team members.

1. Fix the venue and date

The venue plays a crucial role in every team building day out or an incentive tour. It inspires team members to take part in the outing. You may have a brainstorming session with the team to zero in on a venue. The budget will be of utmost importance while deciding the venue. Understand the likely budget for the corporate outing before finalizing the venue.

Planning dates of the team building outings require thorough weather information. Climate can play a spoilsport disturbing your team building outings. Check the weather forecast before deciding the dates of outings. Check the availability of the senior management team while fixing the dates of corporate outings.

2. Book travel

Booking travel is of utmost importance, as there are several team members traveling together. Take care of the safety and convenience of all team members during the group travel. Book well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. Early booking will help you get a better deal. Check for group travel discounts and other perks to enhance the traveling experience of the team members. Online travel management platforms like Paxes can streamline group hotel booking by allowing access to a vast travel inventory.

3. Tour itinerary

You may create a detailed trip itinerary showing the dates of the outing, ticket details, room booking details for accommodation, and contact numbers of hotels and local transport services. Share the itinerary with all team members to keep them in the loop. Further, having a conclusive itinerary will help boost the overall enthusiasm of team members before the outing and make the trip a hit.

4. Establish clear and specific goals

Corporate team outings involve expenses, and a travel manager should define clear goals to boost the organization’s performance. Team building is a common aim of any corporate outing. The selection of games and events should address key objectives like motivation to achieve targets, developing communication skills, learning the art of listening, conflict resolution, and building collaboration. The goals of the outing are crucial for planning outdoor activities to involve all team members, regardless of hierarchies.

5. Work out the budget

Working out the budget requires dividing it under different heads, like transportation, accommodation, food, and other necessities. Allocating an ample budget for food and fun is crucial, as most team members attach great importance to these factors. Ask the team members about their food choices to get a better idea.

6. Post-tour feedback

Collecting feedback and suggestions from each member after the corporate outing event is crucial in measuring the trip’s success. It helps you make improvements while planning future team-building outings. Additionally, feedback will assist in getting the most out of such exercises.


An ideal corporate team outing should have elements of fun and team building. It should take the group out of the cubical physically and mentally for a refreshing and memorable experience. Using a SaaS-based travel management solution helps you enjoy team-building outings without hassles. Paxes ensures 24/7 support to employees through an app for their safety and well-being during the outings.

Corporate Outing FAQs

How does a corporate outing boost team building?

Team outings bring employees from different age groups, departments, and hierarchies together in different settings outside the office environment. It provides an opportunity to take part in games and activities that boost team spirit.

What is the duration of the corporate outing event?

The duration of a corporate outing can range from a single day to a couple of days.

Who bears the expenses of team-building outings?

Team building outings are on the house, as the organization pays for the expenses of team outings.

How many employees take part in corporate team outings?

The number of employees attending team outings depends on the team size.

What are the main objectives of team outings?

The main objectives of team outings are team building, motivation, stress management, and conflict resolution.



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