Travel packages facilitate cost efficiency because of group-booking discounts and allow the participants to enjoy group activities. Tour operators extend the unique benefits of conventional tourist packages to corporate organizations as corporate tour packages. Corporate tours bring diverse teams together at a tourist destination so that employees can share quality time as a close-knit group.

What are corporate travel packages?

Corporate organizations use corporate travel packages as a team-building tool. Many companies are exploring opportunities to bring employees closer in a refreshing environment. Most elements of corporate travel packages are common in standard tour packages. Travel management companies provide lucrative deals on corporate tour packages to various leisure destinations. Companies can use corporate travel packages as rewards or for group activities. Travel management companies book a holiday retreat and design a tour package covering several elements of tourism.

Why opt for corporate travel packages?

Travel expenditure accounts for a significant portion of an organization’s total operating costs besides salaries. Companies can benefit from corporate travel packages to save costs. Travel management companies arrange special rates for corporate companies to plan their group travel. Organizations can achieve a variety of goals by planning corporate tour packages. These are:

1. Reward team performance

Corporate travel packages help design an incentive program in an organization. The group tour can be a perfect reward for a team of employees who achieve pre-defined business objectives like sales or production targets in a quarter or a year.

2. Motivate teams for higher performance

Some companies use corporate tour packages to motivate teams for target achievement. Planning an annual conference in a holiday destination motivates employees to achieve next year’s objectives while uplifting the mood of the staff.

3. Dealers meet

It is common for consumer, automobile, and consumer-durable companies to reward their top-performing dealers by sponsoring a dealer meeting at a holiday destination.

4. Improve employee loyalty

Corporate tour packages are powerful employee retention tools as these create a strong bonding and affinity towards the organization. Further, while on travel with a group, employees can bond with each other better.

What are the things included in corporate packages?


Corporate travel packages are all-inclusive offerings that comprise transportation, accommodation, food, drinks, and sightseeing. These may include activities like trekking, water sports, and a campfire.

1. Customization of package tours

Travel management companies design corporate tour packages around a theme for brand-building activities. Customized tour packages help company get maximum outcome at cheapest rates.

2. Itineraries for corporate travel packages

Reputed travel management companies help prepare corporate travel itineraries for corporate group tours to match organizational goals. The itineraries are carefully designed to reduce unwanted expenditures.

3. Meet diverse travel objectives

Companies can ask for special package tours for team building, incentive tours, corporate get-togethers, and annual conferences. Travel agencies design comprehensive tour packages to meet numerous objectives of an organization.

4. Seamless travel assistance

Companies get round-the-clock travel support to streamline all activities in corporate travel packages. The various travel agencies provide 24×7 expert support in case of small issues and emergencies.

5. Real-time alerts

A corporate tour tracking facility helps track updates and supports all travel requirements of the group. Further, travel tracking offered by numerous agencies assist in maintaining safety of the employees.

Things to consider while going on a corporate tour

Planning a successful corporate tour package requires in-depth planning. The following tips may help employees create splendid memories and meet tour objectives.

1. Look for an experienced tour operator

A professional support of an experienced tour organizer is crucial as there are several complexities of planning a group tour in an unfamiliar holiday retreat. Corporates need not worry about booking transportation and accommodation for a large group of corporate travelers.

2. Choose the right destination

Tour operators can suggest several holiday destinations that may benefit the employees and the organization. Do your research and get suggestions from your employees to choose the destination. Select a quiet place, as most holiday destinations are full of tourists.

3. Consider the seasonal factors

Avoid planning corporate travel packages during the rainy season because rains can upset employees plans for an outing. Further, peak tourist seasons are not appropriate because the hotels and tours are costlier during this period.

4. Insurance coverage

Having appropriate travel insurance is essential while organizing corporate travel packages. Insurance coverage is crucial during an emergency, including health issues.


Corporate tour packages serve distinct purposes and are steadily gaining popularity across all organizations, irrespective of size and industry vertical. Relaxation in travel restrictions after the pandemic encourages companies to consider corporate travel packages to inspire or reward employees for performance or enhance employee retention.

Corporate tour packages comprise multiple tourism services, such as accommodation and transportation, within a single package. Companies can benefit from the economy of scale, as tour operators offer special corporate discounts for group bookings. The remarkable growth of the economy after the pandemic is boosting. Corporates and TMCs can use online booking platforms such as Paxes for better rates for corporate bookings.

Corporate Tour Packages FAQs

What is incentive travel?

Incentive travel is a motivational strategy of companies to inspire employees to achieve specific business objectives in a particular time frame.

What is MICE tourism?

MICE represents a type of business tourism and stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. Companies leverage corporate travel packages for employees and business partners as an incentive. Meetings and conferences are routine aspects of business travel. Trade exhibitions present an opportunity to showcase the company products to target audiences.

Are there any disadvantages of incentive travel?

Companies may face hassles while choosing a destination that suits their budget and appeals to all employees. Incentive travel requires sending all high-performing employees away from the field for a considerable time, affecting sales or production.

What is the right time to plan a corporate tour?

The right time to plan a corporate tour depends upon the destination. Select an off-season period to enjoy great deals and a calm environment.

Does a corporate travel package include travel insurance?

Usually, travel packages are inclusive and should comprise travel insurance. The travel insurance service depends on the tour operator or travel management company.