Optimization of business travel is crucial for organizations to streamline business travel in compliance with the travel policy. It helps travelers focus on their core business objectives without worrying about travel needs. Enterprise travel solutions improve business travel productivity while enabling self-booking within travel policy guidelines besides fulfilling the duty of care obligations. Automation is the key to implementing, controlling, and monitoring different aspects of business travel. SaaS-based business travel management solutions improve travel cost-efficiency and save time for travel managers by automating the entire travel management process. These solutions automate bookings, approvals, expense submissions, and reimbursements.

Key features of an ideal enterprise travel solutions


Choosing a perfect ERP solution for travel businesses can be tough with the availability of myriad options. Look for the following key features while evaluating various enterprise travel solutions.

1. Personalized booking

Searching for the preferred option from the vast landscape of flights and hotel accommodations is like looking for a needle in a haystack. SaaS-based enterprise travel solutions enable employees to access personalized choices of travel suppliers based on past data. It saves time and eliminates frustration during travel booking, and improves productivity and travel experience. Ideal enterprise travel management solutions assure autonomy for business travelers by providing an app-based self-booking facility.

2. Extensive travel inventory

Having a comprehensive travel inventory at your fingertips is the most helpful feature of an ideal ERP solution for travel businesses. SaaS-based travel management platforms like Paxes.com allow easy access to multiple GDS and LCC airlines. Business travelers can choose from the vast inventory of vendors to enhance their travel experience and cost efficiency for travel policy compliance.

3. Travel analytics

The ability to generate advanced travel analytics is crucial to mitigate bottlenecks in business travel management workflows. Travel analytics are helpful for travel managers to assess different performance indicators of business travel, such as travel costs, ROI, and profitable routes. AI-enabled enterprise travel management solutions empower finance teams with easy access to real-time travel data through intuitive dashboards. It helps them monitor budget consumption and detect policy violations. Travel reporting systems are crucial for generating travel reports of employees for analysis of ROI and necessary improvements.

4. Approval workflows

Multiple touch points and complex approval workflows can delay business travel decisions affecting productivity and employee morale. Automation of approval workflows reduces delays by defining approvals by locations, price ranges, employee levels, and departments. It helps travel managers create approver hierarchies and speeds up the approval process facilitating business trips.

5. Travel policies

Travel policy compliance is a common concern for most organizations. Employees do not violate travel policies by design. The violations mainly occur because of a lack of clarity and communication. Improper configuration of travel policy into enterprise travel solutions is a common reason for policy deviations. SaaS-based travel management platforms like Paxes.com provide a compliance management system to integrate multiple policies, such as travel policy, expense policy, and duty of care. The multi-tier approval system ensures seamless policy compliance while employees book flights and hotels.

6. Real-time notifications

SaaS-based enterprise travel solutions enable real-time notifications to speed up the approval process as the line managers get notifications to approve requests. Employees receive prompt notifications for bookings besides other travel alerts. The system alerts line managers and finance teams in the event of policy deviations.

6. Technical support

The availability of 24/7 technical support is an essential attribute of a reliable ERP solution for travel businesses. Reputed travel management solutions ensure prompt technical support to resolve technical issues for the smooth performance of the travel management platform. The support should be available through e-mail, chat, and phone calls to address concerns about booking, cancellations, flight delays, and invoicing.

7. Data security

Reputed ERP solution for travel businesses ensures enterprise-grade security for protecting business-critical data. Automated travel management platforms like Paxes.com offer end-to-end encryption of whether the data is at rest or in motion. The SaaS-based travel management system complies with stringent data privacy standards by storing credit card information within the PCI DSS vault.

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The key features of ideal enterprise travel solutions provide a broad understanding of the travel management platform for streamlining business travel. One should ensure that the platform can configure travel policy and duty of care and match travel needs of the organization. Assessing the organization’s business travel processes before finalizing a travel management solution will facilitate the right choice.
Paxes.com blends your organization’s business travel processes with modern AI-powered solutions to support the ever-evolving needs of business travel.
The comprehensive inventory of travel suppliers helps organizations book flights and hotels at competitive rates.

Enterprise Travel Solutions FAQs

How does the travel management solution facilitate expense management?

Advanced travel management software solutions provide integrated expense management facilities with payment options and shareable invoicing features.

What comprises travel risk management?

Travel risk management covers employee safety and well-being with seamless access to their real-time location. It includes restrictions for traveling to unsafe and high-risk destinations with the availability of a crisis management plan and 24/7 emergency support.

What is an enterprise travel solution?

Enterprise travel solution is a software program to streamline all aspects of business travel, including travel booking, expense reporting, duty of care, and travel policy compliance.

What is a travel management company?

TMC is a short form for travel management company that supports the business travel by streamlining a travel program of a company.

What are the advantages of hiring a travel management company?

TMCs help companies improve travel cost efficiency and provide access to a dedicated support team. Companies get support for travel policy creation and travel risk management from travel management companies.



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