Travel managers remain inundated with queries, requests, and suggestions from employees about upcoming business travel plans. Amongst the worst nightmares of a corporate travel manager is handling last-minute changes in itineraries and cancellations. If the manager is dealing with group bookings, the problem multiplies exponentially. To eliminate such issues, corporations require efficient travel management process flow. They can employ travel management companies that have well-defined processes and follow standard steps to handle common and complex problems of business travels.

What is a travel management process?

A systematic way of handling travel requirements of any corporation is known as the travel management process. The steps have multiple touchpoints and stakeholders such as booking agents, finance department, risk management team and more. Travel management companies use streamline processes and several travel management platforms to help corporations with numerous travel requests such as new bookings, bulk cancellation, finance audits and more.

Benefits of travel management process flow

1. Itinerary creation and implementation

While on a business trip, employees need a defined set of itinerary to know the exact course of actions for maximum outcomes. TMCs help in maintaining the bookings details of flights, hotels, restaurants, cabs, etc. Further, they use advanced platforms to ensure travel policies are followed by employees on the trip. This helps the employee and corporate keep a track on the schedule of the trip along with the attached expenses. Further, tracking and scrutinizing the itinerary can assist in defining the ROI for future traveling requirements.

2. Use a self booking platform


Taking good care of your business travelers is the key to success for any business trip. Corporates can opt for a travel management platform with TMCs such as Paxes that allows traveling employees to book flights, hotels, etc. for themselves. This is one significant factor in keeping travelers happy and satisfied along with reducing the touchpoints and errors. Employees can plan their travel without bothering the travel manager, sending out emails, or filling out multiple forms. They can choose how they want to travel without moving away from the company’s travel policies. Other benefits of using a self-booking platform are:

  • Employees can choose the air travel providers and staying facilities they want
  • They can track their frequent flier programs
  • They can enjoy all the benefits of an online booking platform

Self-booking allows business travelers to save their own and the administrator’s time. They can exercise their options within the travel budget assigned to them.

3. Streamline approvals process and policies

TMCs backed by AI powered travel booking platforms simplify the process of business trips booking approvals greatly. The platform shows all the booking of an organization to the concerned decision makers and travel managers. After getting approvals with just a few clicks travel agencies can directly confirm the booking details of an employee on business trips. The same along with the itinerary will be updated via notifications to all the involved personnel i.e. the traveling employee, the concerned supervisor, and travel agency for future reference .

4. Help travelers access direct support

Travel managers may have too many things to deal with, such as calls and emails from business travelers requesting for changes in bookings or itineraries. At most of the times it will be overburdening the managers. Hence, TMCs come to the rescue with direct support to the traveling executives. The dedicated support team of TMCs come up with innovative solutions within travel policy to cater to the changing requirements of a traveling employee. Further, they can also tackle emergency situations by mitigating risks of travel for the employee in real-time.

5. Optimize business travel expenditure instantly

Managing travel expenses inhouse can be a tedious and complex job. Administrators and managers with limited knowledge of current costs and policies may be unable to control spending beyond budget policies. Hence, TMCs have committed finance teams. They can provide instant insight into travel costs to keep a track of travel expenditures of individual employees. Further, reports can be sent to corporate managers for better and detailed analysis of business travel of an employee.


Business travel can get complicated going ahead as more and more companies look to make the best use of available resources. With business travel making a strong comeback after the COVID-19 pandemic, travel strategies are expected to be different now than what it was earlier. Corporates need best travel management process flow to get maximum ROI on business travels and keep themselves in pace with their competitions.

By researching and choosing the best business travel management companies, you can minimize and even eliminate the downsides and boost the experiences of all concerned. These agencies make use of some of the best travel management platforms like paxes. These platforms empower travel managers with the right tools to make business travel simpler and manage with more flexibility.