In the modern business landscape, organizations heavily invest in corporate travel with the primary goal of exploring new opportunities. However, for a company, maintaining a considerable return on investment (ROI) for every activity is crucial. Business trips are no exception, and a significant amount of money can be lost through inefficient planning and the wrong choice of travel suppliers. As corporate trips involve addressing various legal and cost-related issues, organizations often turn to travel agencies for solutions. Corporate travel agencies in the UAE offer excellent solutions to various booking and management challenges.

Benefits of hiring the best corporate travel agency in UAE

  • Cost savings through negotiated rates and established relationships
  • Time efficiency with delegated travel planning, allowing professionals to focus on core responsibilities
  • 24/7 support for business travelers in emergencies or during unexpected changes
  • Customized travel policies aligned with company objectives and budget constraints
  • Streamlined expense management using advanced tools and systems
  • Access to technology with online platforms, mobile apps, and real-time updates
  • Global reach and local expertise for international operations
  • Risk management strategies to ensure compliance with safety regulations
  • Enhanced traveler experience with industry connections for exclusive perks

Best corporate travel agencies in UAE

1. Kanoo Travel

Launched in 1930, Kanoo Travel has grown into a worldwide corporate travel agency. It has a strong presence in the Middle East and Europe including countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Lebanon, France, and the United Kingdom. With technologically backed options and a vast network of travel supplier, Kanoo Travel offers cost-effective solutions for their clients. The experienced team at Kanoo Travel provides effective management solutions and support to organizations from around the world, assisting in booking, managing, and reporting travel expenses.

2. Orient Travel and Tourism

Orient Travel and Tourism Agency is another mature travel agency in the Middle East working towards efficient leisure and corporate travel management. With more than 350 travel professionals, they provide the best rates and management of each trip. The agency has 5 divisions namely Retail, Holidays, Corporate division, Orient Tours, and OTTA Cargo. It also offers travel insurance for safer and more secure business trips while enhancing employee trust in the corporation.

Business travel agencies in UAE

3. Sharaf Travel

Since its inception in 1991, Sharaf Travel has been a key player in the Middle East region, assisting numerous global organizations. They offer personalized partnerships with businesses across the world providing flexible travel programs. Sharaf Travel Services LLC aims to deliver sustainable travel; hence, utilizes various eco-friendly trip solutions for its clients. The OneHub platform offered by the agency empowers businesses to gain a technological edge in their travel programs. Providing services to small and medium businesses (SMBs), multinational companies (MNCs), and government organizations, Sharaf Travel’s offerings include airline packages, hotel bookings, travel support, and more.

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4. Al Tayer Travel Agency L.L.C.

Established in 1979, Al Tayer Travel Agency L.L.C. is a distinguished member of the esteemed Al Tayer Group. It has become synonymous with trust and excellence in the realm of travel services. Specializing in both personal and corporate travel, the agency’s decades-long experience positions it as a reliable partner for a diverse clientele. With a strategic location in Dubai, a global business hub, Al Tayer Travel Agency L.L.C. excels in crafting personalized travel experiences. Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, it upholds the legacy of the Al Tayer name. It ensures every journey reflects the highest standards of reliability and services.

5. Kurban Travel

Since 1952, Kurban Travel has been a premier travel agency, pioneering exceptional travel solutions for individuals and corporate clients alike. With nearly seven decades of experience, the agency has evolved into a trusted partner, offering seamless travel arrangements for business, leisure, and meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. Kurban Travel’s legacy is rooted in its ability to adapt and innovate, ensuring clients benefit from a comprehensive suite of travel services. Whether it’s crafting custom itineraries or providing efficient MICE solutions, Kurban Travel remains committed to delivering excellence.

As the best corporate travel agencies in UAE bring decades of experience, technological prowess, and a commitment to excellence, businesses can entrust their travel needs to experts who understand the nuances of the industry. These agencies use high-end travel management platforms such as Paxes to further enhance the booking and management process. By doing so, organizations not only optimize their resources but also provide their teams with the assurance of seamless, reliable, and enriching travel experiences.

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Best Corporate Travel Agencies In UAE FAQs

Why do organizations invest significantly in corporate travel?

Organizations invest heavily in corporate travel to explore new opportunities and expand their business.

What are the benefits of hiring a corporate travel agency in the UAE?

Hiring a corporate travel agency in the UAE helps in travel planning, 24/7 support for emergencies, customized travel policies, streamlined expense management, access to technology, global reach with local expertise, risk management strategies, and an enhanced traveler experience.

Which are the top corporate travel agencies in UAE?

Kanoo Travel, Orient Travel And Tourism, Sharaf Travel, Kurban Travel are some of the top names.

How can businesses choose the right corporate travel agency in the UAE?

Evaluate expertise, industry experience, and reputation when selecting a corporate travel agency in the UAE.

Do corporate travel agencies in the UAE cater to small businesses as well as large corporations?

Yes, corporate travel agencies in the UAE typically serve both small businesses and large corporations.

How far in advance should businesses book travel arrangements through a corporate travel agency?

Booking travel arrangements through a corporate travel agency in the UAE should ideally be done several weeks in advance.

What are the benefits of using a local corporate travel agency in the UAE versus an international one?

Local corporate travel agencies in the UAE offer personalized service and better understanding of local regulations and culture.

Do corporate travel agencies in the UAE offer support for managing frequent flyer programs or loyalty rewards?

Yes, corporate travel agencies in the UAE often assist with managing frequent flyer programs and loyalty rewards.

Do corporate travel agencies in the UAE provide assistance with obtaining travel visas for employees traveling internationally?

Yes, corporate travel agencies in the UAE can provide support with obtaining travel visas for international trips.


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