Top KPIs For Corporate Travel Management Success

Measuring The Top KPIs For Corporate Travel Management Success

Corporate travel is a cost-intensive activity that leads to brand awareness and business growth. Just like any other business activity, corporate travel needs to be optimized and managed accordingly. Measuring the top KPIs for corporate travel management success is crucial to understanding the ROI and Read more…

Business Traveler Wishlist

Business Traveler Wishlist: What Arabian Executives Want?

Business travelers prioritize comfort and convenience due to tight schedules and regular trips. To streamline trips and have a wonderful experience, business travelers need to understand local culture and weather conditions. Therefore, creating a list of necessary items requires effective Read more…

Hotel Dynamic Pricing

What Are The Benefits Of Hotel Dynamic Pricing?

The hospitality industry is recuperating steadily from the pandemic hit in 2019-2022. The industry has shown an upward trend and several adaptations in the way of conducting business. Hotel suppliers are evolving with numerous pricing models so as to tackle Read more…

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