Are Travel Expenses Tax Deductible Or Not?

There are multiple expenses an employee may incur while traveling away from home on a business trip. Most travel expenses for business purposes are deductible for tax exemption. The Income Tax act allows tax exemptions to employees and employers on Read more…


How To Calculate Travel Allowance For Tax Exemption

An employee receives several types of allowances over and above their regular salary. Medical allowance, House Rent Allowance, and Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) are a few examples of such allowances. The allowances are part of the employee’s CTC. The employee Read more…


All You Should Know About Corporate Travel Programs

Corporate travel contributes significantly to business growth and the company’s operational costs. Therefore, companies explore ways to facilitate a satisfying traveling experience for employees without impacting the costs bottom line. Corporate travel managers and TMCs should also ensure employee safety Read more…


Top Advantages Of Using Business Travel Tracker

Business travel is crucial to exploring new opportunities, establishing and nurturing business relationships, and providing service to existing customers. Employees must undertake business trips for organizational expansion and growth. Companies have the duty of care obligations to ensure the safety Read more…


All You Need To Know About Corporate Travel Management

Managing corporate travel within an organization can be a nightmare, as one has to look after several factors that may or may not be under one’s control. Flight delays, natural calamities, political disturbances, an outbreak of an epidemic, and local unrest are only a few aspects that can devastate the very purpose of business travel. (more…)


Importance Of Business Travel In The Post-Pandemic Times

Amidst the new safety-first stance opted by almost every corporate organization, they have to deal with a new set of business travel-related challenges. These include frequent flight cancelations, mandatory quarantine on arrival, and extended lockdowns in some travel destinations. Companies Read more…


Top Reasons To Hire A Corporate Travel Manager

Business traveling is essential for providing efficient customer service, meeting prospective clients,  training, and more. Several factors need consideration to ensure smooth and cost-effective business travel. A corporate travel manager works behind the scene to control these factors. These could include deciding traveling costs, making bookings, sharing updates, preparing reports, and so much more. (more…)


Top Benefits Of Corporate Travel Management Companies

Corporate travel is inevitable for the expansion of any organization. However, travel managers can get overburdened by the enormous travel requests of the employees. Hence, hiring a travel management company has become necessary for efficient travel management process. Benefits of corporate travel management companies include a comprehensive booking packages, promising high cost savings and safety of employees. (more…)

Why Automation Is Needed For Travel Expense Reimbursement

Implementing a faster, precise, and transparent business travel expense reimbursement process is crucial as travel expenditure contributes substantially to an organization’s operating costs. The process of expense reporting, approving, checking, and reimbursing consumes the valuable time of employees, line managers, and office staff. (more…)