Duty of Care for Corporate Travel

Travel Risk and crisis management

Paxes offers “Duty of Care” solution
to its platform users.

Duty of care, is a moral and legal obligation to take a serious responsibility for the safety of our travelers.
In unprecedented times such as global health crisis, natural disasters and political unrest,
it is important to have the right tools for medical and security assistance.

Services Offered in Duty of Care

Asset tracking dashboard - Search Traveler - Based travel dates, location name etc Monitors real-time global threat analysis with event alerts Provides comprehensive situational awarenes of global risks In-app messaging that allow direct contact with GRIDSM Mobile App users and mass messaging to the entire group at once Intelligence: Destination reports of all countries, Country Risk ratings, Published event for each county

For Corporate Travelers

  • Emergency
    Tap and hold for 3 seconds
  • Alerts
    World events that matter to you
  • Check-in
    Leave breadcrumbs so you are findable
  • Events
    Updates about events around the globe
  • Destination Reports
    Learn about your travel destinations
  • Contact
    We are always there for your questions. Send us mesage or give us a call

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