Business travel can be equally challenging for both a seasoned traveler and a beginner. However, you can make it rewarding and stress-free by learning a few business travel hacks. Access to an automated travel management tool and efficient business travel management will help you streamline the travel booking and reporting process. Most importantly, you must know some practical tips to enjoy your business trips like a pro. Keep reading to discover ways to make your life easy while on a business trip.

Top business travel hacks


1. Ensure booking flight well in advance

It may sound like a no-brainer, but booking a flight on an early date is helpful to get the maximum price benefits. Early flight ticket booking is also necessary if you have a particular seat option in your mind. Book a seat in the front as you will get past the security faster after arriving at the destination.

2. Use the same airline for business travel

Most business travelers can take advantage of loyalty programs by choosing the same airline while booking air tickets. It helps you locate the terminals quickly because airlines are likely to use the same terminal.

3. Prefer booking an early morning flight

Catching a red-eye flight is advisable because you will reach the airport without facing traffic snarls. Staying at a hotel near the airport is a helpful strategy if your home is far away from the airport. Business travelers should opt for TSA pre-check for a hassle-free and faster exit while traveling across the US.

4. Avoid checking a bag

Prefer using carry-on luggage that obviates the need to check in. Most trips that last less than a week do not require you to carry luggage that needs checking in. A right carry-on saves you the hassle of waiting at the bag carousel. Seasoned business travelers never check their luggage as they have a mastery over packing their luggage into a single carry-on suitcase that requires no checking. Focus on the design aspect of the suitcase while purchasing. It should expand to accommodate more items, collapsible compartments to organize travel essentials, and a front pouch to carry documents. Prefer not to buy a suitcase with built-in chargers because several airlines do not allow these.

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5. Adopt best packing practices

Strategic packing is the best travel hack for smooth business travel as it avoids missing out on essential items and maximizes comfort and space. The following tips will help you pack your luggage strategically:

  • Avoid carrying excess attire
  • Prefer using packing cubes to pack your clothes
  • Rolling clothes (instead of folding) saves more space and avoids rumpling
  • Use travel-sized toiletries to save extra space
  • A travel pillow is an essential travel gear in a hotel if the pillow is not comfy.
  • Prefer the same hotel chain while booking accommodation

Staying at the same hotel chain provides comfort, as you will feel at home despite staying at different locations. You will benefit from the loyalty program of the hotel chain.

6. On-board travel tips

Carry noise-canceling earphones to enjoy in-flight entertainment or catch a nap during the journey. Nodding off during the flight is the best strategy for arriving fresh at the destination. Using a tab instead of your laptop to finish work during the flight is better, as working on the laptop may be uncomfortable. Carry a blue-tooth keyboard for better convenience, as several airlines permit using these keyboards on flights.

7. Long-haul flights

Among the most helpful business travel hacks is to book direct flights if you want to travel on a long-haul flight. Layovers can exhaust you if they stretch beyond several hours. Use a priority pass to access airport lounges during layovers. Some credit cards also allow entry to the airport lounges. It is better to check in at an airport hotel to survive long layovers as you can catch some good sleep, besides a refreshing shower.

8. Working after arriving at the destination

Always keep some time gap between your arrival time and the first assignment to allow yourself some time to get fresh. Know the alternative options for local transport before arriving, as getting a taxi may take a long time because of a rush. Filling out forms for customs and immigration before the flight touches down will save you valuable time at security.

9. Download helpful apps

Apps can be handy while you are traveling to unfamiliar destinations. You can have an app for a trade fair to navigate the complex trade exhibition layout or an app for a taxi service to reach faster. Food delivery apps save money on room service. Some apps guarantee delivery of multiple items, ranging from medicines to toiletries.


These intelligent business travel hacks will help you save time and reduce traveling stress. You will learn new hacks as you continue to travel more. Business travel needs a proactive approach if you want to enjoy the travel and get the most out of it. Using an online travel management app halves your stress of booking and reporting. It allows you round-the-clock access to emergency support and real-time travel alerts. Paxes offers a great way to manage corporate travel bookings. Employees can easily book flights and hotels by comparing numerous vendors.

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Business Travel Hacks FAQs

What is the ideal size of a carry-on suitcase to avoid checking?

The carry-on suitcase should be 22cm x 35cm x 56cm, according to the guidelines of most airlines.

What are the most important things to carry on a business trip?

Enough business cards, notepads, credit cards, cash, office attire, and casual clothes are among the most crucial things to carry on a business trip.

What differentiates business travel?

The purpose differentiates business travel from leisure travel. Business travel is a trip from the office headquarters for a business purpose that requires a halt at the destination.

What is the principal aim of business travel?

The main aim of business travel is face-to-face interaction with clients, prospects, and business associates to develop business and reinforce business relationships.

What are essential etiquettes at trade shows?

Visiting an exhibition stall during the first few hours and on the last day during the closing. The stall attendants may need to provide you with adequate attention. Carry several business cards for networking. Refrain from insisting on more giveaways.

How can business travel hacks help me save money and time?

The above business hacks can help in efficient corporate travel by ensuring appropriate allocation of resources at different expenses. They help in reducing the burden on the travel manager and the business traveler by streamlining the entire travel.

How can I maximize my hotel rewards and loyalty programs?

You can earn maximum hotel rewards by using the corporate credit card and letting your travel manager know your loyalty memberships so that they can book your accommodations in preferred hotels to maximize your reward points.

How can I make the most of my limited downtime during business travel?

One should plan ahead and keep the entertainment sources handy. You can bring along some books or downloaded movies on your devices. You can also use this time to brainstorm some business ideas to be discussed during business meetings.

How can I stay productive while traveling for business?

The foremost thing to keep in mind is to manage your jetlag. You should train your body to ensure minimal jetlag when you land at your destination. Another thing is to keep your mind relaxed and stress-free to be able to focus on business objectives.

Are there any safety tips or precautions I should keep in mind during business travel?

During business travel, you should not experiment much and stick to your regular airline provider and accommodations. This eliminates the risk of frauds and scams. You must use your company’s card wherever possible and keep the travel manager in loop.

Are there any resources or tools available to help me with business travel planning?

The travel managers can provide you with an extensive and detailed list of dos and donts of a business trip. You can find useful resources at that can help you simplify your travel.


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