Besides the company’s requirement to improve the cost efficiency of business travel, one must consider corporate travel needs while crafting a travel program. Travel managers should know employees’ business travel needs to enhance their travel experience and productivity during business trips. Understanding these needs will help employees improve their on-field work efficiency. There are several resources to help employees perform well during business travel as they may have to work under challenging conditions besides managing the stress of frequent traveling. Whether a large organization or a small business, travel needs are identical, as employees must be on their own during business trips without direct access to office facilities.

Here are some common business travel needs

1. Uninterrupted connectivity

It may sound like a no-brainer since every business traveler must have access to a reliable communication facility for connecting with offices and near-ones. Connectivity is the most vital to all corporate travel requirements. Employees face multiple issues while accessing the internet because of poor or expensive Wi-Fi facilities during air travel or in hotels. Corporate travel managers should provide resources for internet connectivity during business travel.

Besides reliable internet connectivity, employees should have access to emergency support during travel disruptions such as flight cancellations, health problems, or local issues. An advanced travel management platform can ensure instant access to emergency support besides real-time alerts about any development that may disrupt their program.

2. Comfort during travel

Stressful travel or lack of proper accommodation can impact business travel, resulting in a loss of productivity. Companies should ensure a comfortable journey and stay for employees so that they can devote their time and energy to focus on core business activities and assignments. Booking direct flights, finding comfortable accommodation near the venue of the client’s office, and booking local transport are ways to enhance comfort during business travel.

3. Suitable accommodation


Making employees share rooms to cut costs can be detrimental to the privacy and safety of employees. Booking single rooms with access to essential amenities improve work efficiency as many employees catch up with work during their hotel stay. Check whether the hotel provides a quick check-in and check-out facility to save employees time. The location of the hotel should support easy access to work and leisure.

The pandemic improved health awareness among employees. Personal fitness is a vital need for business travelers. A hotel with fitness facilities is one of the corporate travel needs because most business travelers value their fitness and avoid missing their daily fitness schedule, despite traveling.

An ideal hotel accommodation should support working with stable and high-speed internet connectivity with no data restrictions. Booking a hotel accommodation having internet connectivity as part of the package minimizes hassles. The provision of a desk and chair in the room will facilitate working. Some hotels provide meeting rooms, enabling employees to conduct small meetings with clients or colleagues.

4. Convenience

Besides comfort, convenience is among the most crucial business travel needs. They want the convenience of accessing quality food and entertainment after a hard day’s work. They need a hotel in a convenient location close to the city center. A traveling employee requires convenient transportation that does not cause stress since they need to get on with their work after arriving at the destination.

Employees long for the convenience of reporting. A SaaS-based travel management platform like Paxes integrated into comprehensive expense management software enables expense report submission without using clumsy excel sheets. These advanced platforms offer access to the booking facility through an app. Employees can conveniently book travel by using the app on their smartphones.

5. Service standards

Employees need good service from hotels and airlines. Lack of good customer service impacts the travel experience and productivity of employees. Travel managers should allow employees to choose hotels and airlines because they have better practical knowledge about the service quality of travel suppliers. Paxes is an advanced travel management platform enabling employees to choose their preferred accommodation for a rewarding travel experience. Companies can ensure no travel policy deviation by restricting access to hotels within the travel policy.

6. Loyalty Schemes

Business travelers value and, to some extent, anticipate loyalty programs that reward their repeat business (and frequently, their company who books the trip on their behalf). Business travel is lucrative, so it’s important to show appreciation for the customer’s business through loyalty programs and bonus offers/discounts, whether they be frequent flyer programs or corporate rates for company accounts.

To conclude

Business travelers face multiple issues during hectic business trips, including jet lag, flight delays, and the stress of completing assignments and meetings within timelines. They must be away from their near ones for a long time and deserve a comfortable travel experience. Convenient travel and comfortable accommodation help make their life easier. Corporate travel managers must strive to enhance their travel experience by enabling seamless connectivity, self-booking facilities, and access to emergency services and travel alerts. Advanced travel management platforms like Paxes help travel managers address the business travel needs of employees.
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Business Travel Needs FAQs

What are the two prominent business travel trends?

The growing need for sustainable travel and the rise of bleisure travel are two prominent business travel trends.

What are common problems do business travelers face?

Unforeseen issues that disrupt business travel and booking travel without deviating from travel policy are common concerns of business travelers.

How does business travel help companies?

Companies can expand their customer base and provide on-site service to existing customers with face-to-face meetings during business travel.

What are the main risks business travelers may face during business trips?

Missing flights, illnesses, accidents, terrorism, and loss of communication are a few risks business travelers may encounter during business travel.

What do employees expect from an online travel management platform?

Business travelers want access to the travel management platform through an app besides a self-booking facility. They want the ease of expense reporting through the app.

How to satisfy the business travelers needs?

Prioritize transportation, book comfortable and equipped accommodations, ensure smooth travel experience, share itinerary and emergency contacts, and streamline reimbursement process.

What strategies can I use to maintain work-life balance during frequent business travel?

One should take care of their health by including regular exercise, healthy meals, and adequate sleep in their routine. One can also indulge in leisure activities while traveling for business to keep oneself fresh.

What role does technology play in meeting business travel needs?

Technology helps in streamlining booking process, itinerary management, data analysis, and traveler support.


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