A strategic location to the thriving gulf economies, a supportive infrastructure, and a business-friendly environment are a few reasons to establish a business or invest in Bahrain. Bahrain is among the most progressive countries in the Middle East. It is traditionally a business-centric nation with a liberal economy.

Bahrain provides easy access to the Arabian Peninsula and sea routes through the Persian Gulf. Bahrain rapidly emerged as a crucial link in the global supply chain because of these unique advantages. The country plays a vital role in connecting the global market with the Middle East.

Business visa to Bahrain requirements


Business travelers need a business visa to Bahrain to enter the country for business purposes. Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council do not require an appropriate visa to enter Bahrain. The GCC countries include the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Bahrain provides myriad opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners to settle and establish their businesses.
The business visa to Bahrain is like a visit visa. The only difference is the purpose of the visit, which is business. You can easily access the rest of the Middle East by getting a Bahrain business visa. The validity of the business visa to Bahrain is two weeks and is extendable for up to 14 more days. These are a few requirements for a Bahrain business visa for Indian nationals.

1. Passport

The passport should be valid for six months from the visa application date. While applying Bahrain business visa, the application form should be complete with signature.

2. Business cover letter

A letter introducing the visa applicant is the business cover letter. The business cover letter must be on the official letterhead of the Bahraini company. The letter should establish the financial responsibility of the visa applicant, besides providing their contact details in Bahrain.

3. Invitation

An invitation letter from a business or company in Bahrain gets is good to have while applying for the business visa to Bahrain.

4. Travel arrangements

Complete travel details of the visa applicant with onward journey or round-trip tickets are necessary to get a Bahrain business visa. A detailed computer-generated itinerary from a travel agency or airline serves as proof of travel arrangements. Other requirements for the Bahrain business visa for Pakistani citizens include a clear copy of the address of residence or hotel booking confirmation showing the visitor’s address in Bahrain. The business visa applicant should attach proof of occupation, the reason for the visit, and a valid Commercial Registration (CR) proof of the guarantor.

5. Business visa to Bahrain fees

There are various options for applicants of business visas to Bahrain who are eligible to enter Bahrain by providing relevant documents and completing all necessary procedures.

6. Single entry business visa

Business visitors planning to visit Bahrain once can use a Single Entry visit visa by proving eligibility with mandatory documents. The single-entry visa permits the business visitor to stay in Bahrain for two weeks. They can extend the period of their stay by applying to National Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) after paying relevant fees. Bahrain business visa cost for a single entry visa is BD 5.

7. Multiple entry business visa

Business travelers can use a Multiple Entry business visa to Bahrain, allowing them to stay for up to one month. The cost of a Multiple Entry business visa is BD 12 and is suitable for multiple entries in Bahrain.

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The government’s business-supportive initiatives, such as no corporate taxation, sales tax, and freedom from exchange control, help foreign investors and entrepreneurs to set up businesses in Bahrain. A business visa to Bahrain is suitable for company representatives and business visitors to carry out business activities or attend business meetings. The Bahrain business visa processing time is between 10 and 12 working days. Many visa options are available for business visitors who plan to visit Bahrain for business purposes. The visitors must prove that their entry into Bahrain does not violate the welfare and security of the country. You can make use of Paxes, for a convenient self-booking of corporate travel. Further, Paxes provide excellent travel management for corporate group bookings.

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Business Visa To Bahrain FAQs

Is a Bahrain e-Visa holder eligible to enter Bahrain through King Fahd Causeway?

No, the eVisa holder can enter Bahrain through Bahrain International Airport.

What drives the economy in Bahrain?

The economy of Bahrain depends on oil and gas, besides tourism and banking.

Why is Bahrain suitable for investment?

The economy of Bahrain has no prominent ups and down, securing foreign investments. Real estate markets of Bahrain are liberal and open.

Is Bahrain part of the UAE?

Bahrain is not part of the United Arab Emirates, as it is an independent country.

How long does it take to get a business visa to Bahrain?

It takes 10 to 12 business days to process a business visa to Bahrain.


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