Oman is a dynamic and business-friendly country in the Middle East. Political stability and a safe, crime-free environment make Oman a perfect destination for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Oman has a well-educated and skilled workforce besides abundant natural resources to establish diverse businesses. Expats can leverage several government initiatives like the Investor Residency Program (IRP). Oman provides a broad spectrum of infrastructural facilities, tax incentives, and visa options to business owners and investors. A business traveler can leverage a business visa to Oman to conduct business activities like meetings, surveys, or business setups.

What is the Oman business visa?

Oman provides separate visas to visitors to meet various visit objectives, such as business activities and tourism. Oman business visa for Indian nationals is a permit to enter Oman for business purposes. Business visitors to Oman should get visas to attend conferences, meet associates, and explore opportunities. The business visa to Oman is valid for six months from the issuing date. Oman business visa cost is 34.90 Omani Riyal.

Oman business visa eligibility

Business travelers to Oman must fulfill a few minimum qualifying criteria to get a business visa to Oman. The following are worth noting when applying for an Oman business visa for Pakistani nationals.

1. Purpose of visit and business ownership

The business traveler applying for a business visa for Oman from India should submit proof of business ownership to visa authorities. An invitation letter for the business conference or exhibition is crucial if the business traveler is planning to visit Oman to attend a conference or trade fair. A client’s invitation letter is necessary if you are traveling to Oman for a business meeting with a client.

2. Proof of fitness

The business traveler must be in good health to travel to Oman and back. Proof of good health can be a fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner. The business traveler should complete vaccination and other preventive measures as per the health advisories, which are in force while traveling.

3. Police verification

An applicant for a business visa to Oman should be a law-abiding person with good character. They should produce a police clearance certificate to establish their characters.

4. Submitting proof of funds

The business traveler must provide proof of sufficient funds to support the stay and other expenses during the business visit to Oman. The proof of funds should be as bank statements or other relevant documents.

How to Apply for the Oman Business Visa?

The application process to get a business visa for Oman is straightforward. One can choose the online application option for greater convenience. The following steps describe the process to get the e-Visa for a business visit to Oman.

  • Visit the official visa website of Oman
  • Fill out the visa application form
  • Fulfill the online payment for the business visa to Oman
  • Get a printout of the completed visa application form and payment receipt
  • Form submission to the nearest embassy along with the documents and the passport
  • The embassy will process the visa application form by scrutinizing the documents

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Documents Required for Oman Business Visa


Business travelers should refer to the list of documents to get an Oman business visa on the official Oman visa website. The following list outlines a few crucial documents for a business visa for Oman from India.

1. Valid passport and air ticket

A passport with a minimum validity of up to six months is crucial for international travel to establish the nationality and identity of the business traveler. One must submit an original passport having a minimum of two blank pages to stamp the visa. The air ticket should cover a round-trip or onward journey.

2. Adhaar Card and PAN Card as identity and nationality proof

Applicants for the business visa for Oman from India must submit a clear copy of their Adhaar and PAN Card to enable visa officers to check information without hassles. PAN Card is necessary as signature proof.

3. Recent photo

Submit the latest photo on an all-blue background with standard passport photo guidelines. The photo should have a matt finish with neutral expressions. An old photograph can cause rejection of the visa application form.

4. Company’s cover letter

A cover letter is a prominent document while scrutinizing documents for a business visa to Oman. The letter on the company’s letterhead should mention the purpose and duration of the business visit with an official seal and signature of the signing authority.

5. Company’s invitation letter

In the event of a business visit in response to an invitation by an Omani company, one must provide the invitation letter. The letter should outline the visit purpose, contact details, and sponsorship details. The company should address the invitation letter to the relevant diplomatic mission.

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Oman is a popular tourist and business destination. The country presents an ocean of opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. Business travelers can benefit from Oman’s strong economy and stable government that supports business through multiple measures to boost the ease of doing business. Oman has a unique location connecting the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

A business visa to Oman is a crucial requirement to enter the marine country for business activities. The visa application process is simple and quick. One can apply for the Oman business visa online and get approval within four to five working days. The processing time can be longer, with fewer embassy personnel and more visa applications to process. Corporates can use travel management platforms such as Paxes for seamless management of business trips.

Business Visa To Oman FAQs

Is it possible to extend a business visa to Oman?

Oman allows the extension of business visas. Business travelers can extend it to a two-year residence permit, valid for subsequent renewals.

Is a medical test mandatory for a business visa to Oman?

Medical test is compulsory for a longer stay. It may not be mandatory for short-term visas like business visas.

What happens if someone gets another visa despite the validity of a business visa?

The business visa stands canceled if a person gets another visa. One cannot convert a business visa to Oman into another visa.

Where to check the application status of an Oman business visa?

One can check the application status of the visa by visiting the Oman visa website and entering the relevant visa application number.

Which is the central agency looking after visa processing in Oman?

The Royal Police of Oman (ROP) is the agency accountable for visa processing in Oman.


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