Making travel arrangements for the execution of business trips can be challenging because of the complexities of travel booking and policy compliance issues. Support of corporate travel management companies in Dubai is crucial to optimize the travel experience and improve the productivity of Dubai business trips. Travel management platforms streamline bookings with their vast inventory of travel suppliers and provide real-time travel support to ensure a seamless business travel experience.

Dubai is a world-class tourist destination and a thriving business hub. There is no shortage of travel agencies claiming to provide several travel services. Choosing the best business travel management companies in Dubai can be very tough. Keep reading to discover top-rated options to plan and execute your next business trip to Dubai.

Corporate travel management companies in Dubai


The following are the top corporate travel management companies in Dubai, providing support to business travelers from across the globe by serving their diverse travel needs. These business travel platforms help you manage travel programs within budget and travel policy guidelines.

1. Omeir

The Abu Dhabi-based travel management agency provides tailored travel management solutions through its separate corporate travel department. It has diverse businesses besides a travel agency for corporate and leisure travelers. Businesses can avail of the service of a dedicated travel manager for organizing and executing travel plans. Companies get the option of an on-site office to look after travel needs. Omeir provides several services, including an online portal to book air travel and accommodation booking, event management, and travel risk management.

2. Al-Futtaim Travel

One of the top business travel management companies, Al-Futtaim is a reputable travel agency in the UAE providing business travel services with many helpful features for corporate travelers. Business travelers get round-the-clock service to incorporate itinerary changes in emergencies. The travel services include travel policy assistance, dedicated account management, and a global reporting tool.

3. AMR Travel

AMR Travel is a new Dubai-based travel service company providing travel solutions for corporate travel. Companies prefer AMR Travel for efficient management of travel safety besides data management. They provide credit card management services and help companies reduce travel costs by negotiating hotel rates and corporate airfares. AMR Travel is not among the full-service corporate travel management companies in Dubai.

4. Al Naboodah Travel

Business travelers can rely on Al Naboodah Travel, having sixty years of experience managing travel for groups and individuals in Dubai and the UAE. Al Naboodah provides travel consultation services. Companies can source innovative corporate travel solutions, including meeting planning, travel spend analysis, travel policy integration, and travel tracking. Al Naboodah is among a few corporate travel management companies in Dubai offering emergency travel assistance after office hours.

Paxes as a solution for corporate travel management

For top business travel management companies and corporates, Paxes manages business travel globally through its SaaS-based travel management platform. Corporate travel managers prefer Paxes for end-to-end automation of travel booking, policy compliance, and expense analysis to improve the employee travel experience. Employees can access the all-in-one platform of Paxes through a mobile app to manage bookings, approvals, and itineraries.

Business travelers can quickly access the vast inventory of hotels and flights to save time with multi-GDS integration. They can benefit from several unique features of Paxes, such as:

  • Round-the-clock access to travel support
  • One-touch emergency support
  • User-friendly dashboard to access all travel management features
  • Travel policy integration
  • Quick scanning and uploading of receipts
  • Faster processing of expense reports

They receive flight notifications and hotel bookings through the app for a seamless travel experience. Paxes allow administrators to set up approval workflows and dynamic policies to streamline business trips and compliance. Finance teams can generate granular reports for ROI assessment and budget monitoring.

Advantages of using a travel management company in Dubai

Following are some of the benefits of employing travel management companies in Dubai:

  • Help in providing cost-efficient solutions
  • Assists in saving time for corporates
  • Provide expert advise on travel itineraries
  • Enhance the overall safety of the traveling employees
  • Better expense management

Features of business travel management companies in Dubai

  • Travel planning and booking
  • Travel policy management
  • Expense management
  • Risk management
  • Travel analytics and reporting
  • 24/7 support
  • Loyalty program management


These corporate travel management companies in Dubai help organizations streamline travel programs by supporting travel booking and providing seamless access to emergency travel assistance. Paxes is a simple and user-friendly travel management platform with self-booking facilities to help business travelers improve their travel experience. It can easily integrate with HR and expense management systems to automate business travel processes. Companies can set auto-approvals for effective management of trip requests by using Paxes.

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Corporate Travel Management Companies in Dubai FAQs

What is the chief function of a corporate travel management company?

Planning and execution of corporate tours by complying with travel policy and duty of care is the major role of a corporate travel management company.

What is a travel buyer?

A travel buyer purchases travel services from vendors like hotels, airlines, and travel agents.

What are the helpful features of smart travel booking tools?

A smart booking tool enables travelers to book business travel with a self-booking feature besides allowing tracking and monitoring of travel expenditure. It provides round-the-clock travel support to employees on the move.

What is a SOTO ticket?

SOTO is a ticket Sold Outside Ticketed Outside, meaning the place of purchasing and issuing the ticket is not part of the travel itinerary.

What are the typical benefits airlines offer to frequent travelers?

Air miles, discounts on seat selection, seat upgrades, lounge access, and complimentary meals or beverages are popular benefits for frequent air travelers.


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