Corporate Traveler Profile: How Does It Help TMCs And Travelers

In this era, where everything is about and around technology, the travel industry has found a way to leverage technology in the best way possible. Large travel management companies (TMCs) generally use a global distribution system (GDS) that contains the inventory of various travel products with their real-time price and Read more…


What Is The Meaning Of Open Booking?

Open booking refers to a travel booking approach where employees have the freedom to book their travel arrangements outside of the traditional corporate travel management system. Instead of using a designated platform, employees can book flights, accommodations, and other travel services directly through various channels, such as consumer travel websites, Read more…


What Is Baggage Allowance And Why Is It Important?

Corporate travel has become an indispensable part of business proceedings. Therefore, travelers should be aware of the rules and regulations of airplanes. One such rule that every traveler should know is baggage allowances. Baggage allowance refers to the limits on the weight, size and number of bags that are allowed Read more…

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