Easy Guide On How To Become A Corporate Travel Manager

Companies invest highly on corporate travel to gain new prospects and client. Business travel also help in expanding their business and enhancing brand awareness. However, managing corporate travel is a responsible and taxing job. Hiring corporate travel managers helps in managing the trips efficiently and increases the overall ROI for Read more…


Basics Of Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travel management can be a nightmare for admins and managers, as one has to look after several factors that may or may not be under one’s control. Flight delays, natural calamities, political disturbances, an outbreak of an epidemic, and local unrest are only a few aspects that can devastate the very purpose of business travel. (more…)


5 Valuable Tips On How To Manage Corporate Travel

Business travel is a critical element for corporate growth. Employees travel for different purposes such as sales, marketing, training, trade shows, and business meetings. Managing business travel bookings is tricky because of several out-of-control factors, including flight delays and cancelations. Corporate travel managers must have proper training on how to manage corporate travel to offer a safe and satisfying travel experience. (more…)

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Corporate Travel Requirements