Advances in cloud technology boost the development of SaaS-enabled software tools that automate myriad administrative activities to make employees’ lives easy. HR tools are software solutions for streamlining day-to-day tasks by leveraging automation and mitigating manual errors. Top HR software features helps staff to improve employee management efficiency and save cost and time. HR tools are helpful for organizations regardless of size. HR software solutions can effectively handle all HR activities, including recruitment, onboarding, payroll, attendance, and exit interviews. Companies implement HR software tools for automating timesheet management, leave management, performance management, and travel management.

Top HR software tools address pain points of the department by enabling self-service platforms for employees to book travel, submit expense reports and manage itineraries remotely.

Top HR software features hr-software-tools-features

HR software platforms keep evolving with the addition of advanced features in response to technological advancements and the changing demands of organizations. These solutions address onboarding, training, employee compensation, and attendance while providing employee service portals for business travel management. HR software solutions provide several capabilities, and organizations should determine the requirement of features by assessing the needs. The following are a few standard features to look for while designing an appropriate solution. Vendors can configure specific features to match the company’s culture.

1. On-premise and web-based

Cloud HR solutions are the best tools for HR managers because of remote accessibility. Employees can remotely access the web-based platform through a smartphone or laptop anytime. Installation and management of the on-premise HR software is usually the responsibility of the company’s IT team or vendor. Cloud-based HR tools are suitable for enabling remote access to employees across different locations. A business travel management platform is the perfect example of a cloud-based software solution.

2. Centralized database for core HR

Core HR is the most critical aspect of the top HR software in India because it allows for storing employee information, such as contact details, position, compensation, and date of joining. It enables secured access to employees to upload their personal data, apply for leaves, and make changes if necessary.

3. Attendance management

Capturing work hours, daily attendance, and tracking work absenteeism are prime features of the top HR software tools. Companies can integrate organizational practices and policies while customizing the software.
Employees can access timekeeping functionality through their smartphones. They can also submit leave requests for approval.

4. Hiring employees

Another term for recruiting management platforms is the Application Tracking System. ATS enables the HR department to identify and hire new employees. It streamlines job posting, offers process, and communications to candidates.

5. Onboarding module

The HR software’s onboarding feature is crucial for a positive impression as the new employee joins the organization. The standard onboarding module enables new employees to fill out recruitment forms and learn company policies.

6. Payroll module

Integrating HR and payroll management is vital and enables employees to access pay slips and other important documents.

7. Ability to generate reports and dashboards

Organizations need several reports and dashboards to share with employees. Knowing the availability of such features in an HR software tool is crucial before implementation.

8. Employee service portal

A self-service platform is an essential feature of top HR software in India. It enables the sharing of information in a secure environment. Employees can update personal information remotely by accessing the portal. Self-service portals allow line managers to view reports and approve requests. The employee service software ensures role-based permissions for secure access to different employee levels.

9. Travel management

Several organizations require employees to undertake business travel. These adopt a travel management platform to allow employees to book travel, create itineraries and submit expenses for reimbursement. These software programs facilitate travel policy integration for seamless compliance. Employees can access emergency help through the app while traveling. Employee tracking feature ensures compliance with the duty of care obligations.


Selecting an appropriate from top HR software tools is challenging, as organizations need to assess features and capabilities to match the specific requirements. These platforms enable organizations to achieve greater effectiveness and accuracy in performing a broad spectrum of tasks.

Tools like Paxes provide online travel management solutions improving the travel experience. Employees can use the tool for travel booking and other tasks streamlining the entire business travel process. Employees can effectively use the travel booking feature without involving the travel manager or other support staff. SaaS-based self-booking tools enhance employee engagement and improve productivity. These can integrate with payroll, expense, and travel management modules.

Top HR Software Features FAQs

What are the main features of HR software tools?

HR software tools automate and streamline recruitment and facilitate payroll management, onboarding, leave and attendance, travel booking, expense reporting and reimbursements, and employee exits.

How does an HR software tool improve employee engagement?

Employee self-service tools of the HR management platform allow employees to enter and update their information, access company guidelines, submit leave requests, and generate pay slips. These features help improve employee engagement.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) streamlines recruitment by automating job posting and candidate screening.

What are the main benefits of HR software tools?

HR management software improves the efficiency of HR staff by automating several routine tasks. It helps employees in different locations collaborate and communicate effectively through the self-service facilities.

How do HR software tools help save costs?

HR software tools support automation and save time and effort for HR staff. Companies need not hire more staff and thus save employee costs.


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