Business travel is crucial to exploring new opportunities, establishing and nurturing business relationships, and providing service to existing customers. Employees must undertake business trips for organizational expansion and growth. Companies have the duty of care obligations to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees who undertake business tours to faraway locations. Travel tracking is a critical aspect of travel risk management.

Itinerary tracking is another term for travel tracking. The travel tracker enables the organization and TMCs to locate and contact employees during emergencies that may affect their health and safety.

Importance of travel tracking

There is a remarkable growth in global travel as employees from diverse industry verticals undertake business travel in the post-COVID era. Companies take the utmost care to ensure employee safety while planning business trips by assessing the location’s threat perception and history of health risks.

Each company has its duty of care to safeguard employees against emergencies. The travel risk management ensures safe trips of the employees traveling to outstation or overseas locations for business purposes. It also comprises employees working on overseas projects.

Employee monitoring is an essential part of travel risk management. Innovative travel tracker solutions help organizations gain real-time insights into the employee location to send mobile or email alerts to appraise them about the impending risks.

Travel tracking can also ensure a proactive response before the emergency if the employee notices the concern beforehand. The only purpose of travel tracking and monitoring is to secure employees against health emergencies or other catastrophes.

Benefits of travel tracker for organizations

Corporate travel managers and travel management companies can explore a broad spectrum of benefits by using travel tracker as built-in feature of travel management platform.

1. Real-time geo-location

Rapid response to an emerging risk by assessing the probable impact on employees is crucial for travel risk management. Corporate travel tracker has geo-location features to help organizations locate employees who may travel to or are in the risk-prone area.

2. Seamless communication during crisis

Travel tracker apps enable use of alternate modes of communications, such as text messaging, app-based notifications, and email messaging. This ensures a prompt response, as jamming or failure of mobile networks is a common concern.

3. Instant alerts

Expediting the response is critical in emergencies when every moment counts. One must not spend hours assessing how the event may impact employees in a particular location. The travel tracker tool sends instant alerts to the concerned employees, keeping the travel managers and TMCs in the loop.

4. Reliable updates

Travel tracking helps travel managers receive reliable updates about the employees traveling to various locations. It is an essential requirement of travel risk management. It helps travel managers or TMCs establish instant communication with employees and guide them about the steps.

5. Facilitates duty of care compliance

Granular knowledge about every employee’s location during local or global events is critical. The corporate travel tracker empowers organizations to ensure the duty of care by taking necessary steps to provide support to these employees. SaaS-based corporate travel management platforms facilitate travel managers and TMCs to track and monitor employee locations.

How to ensure better travel tracking for your organization


The benefits of a travel tracking facility in times of emergencies are well-established. Companies can use a proactive approach for better employee tracking. It is a helpful approach to fulfilling the duty of care, as companies can ensure employee safety by taking steps, such as an evacuation plan before the situation worsens.

Using a travel tracker app to generate timely alerts to employees regarding emerging risks can help them seek timely help. Projecting the travel tracker system as a facility to offer instant support in an emergency will help employees perceive it as a helpful tool and not a surveillance measure.

A travel tracker solution need not be a feature for emergency use only. You can enhance the application of a travel tracker by enabling several helpful alerts like airport transfer status, flight cancellations, traffic notifications, and accommodation bookings. Further, some of the best flight trackers provide accurate status of scheduled flights.

Integrating a travel tracker into the travel management platform ensures an efficient travel management system with the duty of care attributes. It can also ensure seamless risk mitigation to strengthen the organization’s risk management capabilities.

Leveraging a travel tracking system helps corporate travel managers and TMCs gain a comprehensive global perspective. It enables companies to plan business travel in safe regions to avoid emergencies.

Explaining the travel tracking and monitoring feature in the corporate travel policy, apart from its advantages, will ensure greater acceptance across employee levels. Getting permission to track and monitor employees’ location is vital. However, TMCs and travel managers should make employees’ consent of their tracking a part of business travel policy. Leveraging an established tracking system is crucial to avoid legal issues regarding privacy regulations and other compliances.

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Travel tracking is a helpful feature of state-of-the-art travel management platforms like Paxes. Corporate travel managers and TMCs can locate employees in real-time with the help of a travel tracker facility. These platforms offer an asset tracking dashboard for locating employees based on travel dates. The app-based platform sends out bulk messages to employees who may plan to travel to risk-prone areas.

Travel Tracker FAQs

What are the key benefits of having a travel tracker?

It helps in achieving real-time communication, sending alerts, and facilitating the duty of compliance.

How does a travel tracker help in getting reliable updates?

It helps the company to get real-time updates on employees who are traveling to different locations. Also, it helps travel managers to stay in touch with their employees.

How to use a travel tracker efficiently?

Its functioning is not limited to use at a time of an emergency. You can use it for real-time location sharing, transportation status, accommodation booking, and flight trackers.