International business trips are more than booking the flights and attending meetings. When employees leave their homes for the uncharted territory, it is important for the employers to offer the best trip experience. The trip should look enticing enough to accept long flying hours and get out of comfortable zones. They should be aware of the local rules and regulations along with offering support at each step of the trip. However, one of the most crucial aspects of any trip should be the safety of the employee. Employees should be well trained and informed in order to maintain a high level of business travel health.

How to achieve business travel health?

1. Adapt to time zones

While flying to different countries, employees can fall victim to jet lag and shift in time zones. The fatigues can have an adverse effect on the health of the employees and impact the schedule of the business trip. Therefore, employees should start shifting their sleep cycle a week or two earlier in order to adapt to the destination country’s time zones. You can plan your meals and other activities accordingly. However, before doing so ensure to take medical professional health for safer techniques.

2. Time Management

One of the key skills to maintain health during business travel is to manage your time efficiently. Time management includes having a robust schedule and abiding by it to give priority to necessary work and health. One should alot ample time to relax and indulge in stress-releasing activities. You should remain transparent while creating the schedule and forward the one with your working timelines to the key stakeholders.

3. Maintain a balanced diet

It is a renowned fact that health responds to the diet. Good health is an outcome of eating a better meal. You should be mindful of what you eat while traveling to different countries of the world. For example if you eat bland food, the spicy subcontinental food is bound to trouble your stomach. Maintaining a balanced diet will help you remain active and healthy on the trip. It is important to find the food that suits your palate and avoid oily and spicy dishes. Additionally, ensure to include fruits and roughage into your diet.

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4. Include workout into routine

Exercising helps you release toxins, ensure better body functions, remain active and what not. Though it is hard to find time for following your routine workout, you should still not avoid exercising while traveling. You can request your travel managers to book your accommodations equipped with inhouse fitness centers. If that is not the case, you can go for a walk early in the morning before meetings or events.

5. Digital detox


Traveling for business events and meetings is a tech-intensive job. Employees work on their travel and have long screen hours with minimum rest. Additionally, they are accustomed to binge watch their favorite television series and movies, further increasing the strain on their eyes. All this and exertion from the travel causes screen-time fatigue and headaches. Therefore, it is important to perform digital detox. In the process you refrain yourself from using technology and screens when not working.

6. Drink adequate water

Hydration is essential for the body to function properly when it is put to test in stressful conditions such as business trips to a foreign land. It is a common sight where travelers and employees forget to drink water at regular intervals due to long meetings. However, it is not a good practice and causes hidden health issues. You can set reminders for drinking water on your mobile. Contact the health professionals to understand your hydration requirements while traveling to foreign country.

7. Maintain sleep cycle

Sleep should be a priority for business travelers. It is known to reduce stress levels and release relaxing chemicals healing the overall fatigue. One should ensure to sleep for adequate hours which in general is at least 8 hours. One should avoid late night munching and reel watching. A good night’s sleep will help you remain active during meetings and help you present yourself better.

8. Practice yoga and carry medicine

Travel, work, high-profile meetings, long flight hours, less sleep, and an unbalanced diet result in increasing stress on corporate trips. Hence, it becomes crucial to take part in stress-buster activities such as meditation and yoga. Travelers can also go out to the entertainment centers. You should also be vigilant about the health issues if any, and carry necessary medicines along with you. Visit a doctor and do not delay your treatment if any health issues arise during the trip.

9. Request for bleisure travel

Mixing business with leisure activities have become a common norm. Bleisure trips ensure high productivity and better participation from the employees as compared to standard corporate trips. Each employee wants to explore the destination after a long working week. Therefore, you can request travel admins to plan trips with extended weekends reserved for excursion activities.

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International business trips are far more than just logistical arrangements and meetings. They represent an opportunity for both employers and employees to create a successful and fulfilling experience. It is imperative for companies to ensure the well-being and health of their traveling employees to optimize productivity and maintain a high level of business travel health.

Business Travel Health FAQs

What is business travel health and wellness?

Business travel health and wellness refer to maintaining the physical and mental well-being of employees while on international business trips.

How can employees adapt to different time zones during international business trips?

To adapt to time zones, employees can start shifting their sleep cycles a week or two before the trip to align with the time zone of the destination.

How can employees maintain a balanced diet while traveling internationally?

Maintaining a balanced diet while traveling involves being mindful of what you eat and choosing food that suits your palate. It is essential to avoid overly spicy or oily dishes and include fruits and roughage in your diet to stay active and healthy during the trip.

Why is digital detox important during international business travel?

Keeping oneself away from technology whenever possible will help them remove eye strain, headache, and screen time fatigue during work.


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