Dubai’s rapid growth as a tourist and business hub is attracting hundreds and thousands of tourists, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and investors from every corner of the globe. Dubai is home to leading businesses and multinational organizations besides being a global destination for trade exhibitions, conferences, incentive travel, and annual conventions. MICE tourism contributes significantly to Dubai’s tourism industry apart from leisure travel. A Dubai travel insurance is mandatory whether you are planning a business or leisure trip to the city of gold. It secures your trip against unpredictable events like loss of baggage, health issues, and flight delays. Usually, people have health insurance coverage that covers medical expenditure in the country where they purchased the insurance. For your visit, you need a separate travel health insurance Dubai.

Benefits of Dubai travel insurance


Individuals such as tourists or business travelers aspiring to visit Dubai can opt for single or multiple travel insurance for a Dubai tourist visa. Policy holder with a comprehensive plan receives extensive coverage. Many travel insurance plans in the UAE provide coverage for up to ninety days of single-trip travel insurance for a Dubai tourist visa. Multiple trip plans are valid for up to one year for business travelers visiting Dubai often. Each trip duration on a multiple-trip visa should not be over ninety days.

An ideal Dubai travel insurance provides comprehensive protection to safeguard business travelers against uncertainties and risks of travel. These are a few benefits of travel insurance for Dubai.

1. Improves travel experience

Business travelers feel confident while traveling to Dubai by purchasing appropriate travel insurance. Travel health insurance Dubai secures travelers against huge medical bills in a foreign country and protects their funds.

2. Extensive coverage of travel insurance

Travel insurance can provide extended coverage against diverse travel risks and eventualities that may affect travel plans or the individual’s health. Business travelers need to focus on crucial business activities and follow a tight meeting schedule at a foreign destination. Relevant Dubai travel insurance plans provide peace of mind and help employees focus on their work with no stress.

3. Freedom from third-party liability

Travel insurance for Dubai tourist visas facilitates payment of third-party liabilities if there is accidental damage to property or person. It helps secure business travelers in the event of accidental damage to rental vehicles.

4. Covers loss of baggage during travel

A baggage loss cover is a common facility among most insurance policies. The plan also covers the delay of baggage during air travel. Some insurance service providers restrict the baggage loss cover for the flight duration. You may explore a baggage loss or delay coverage spanning the entire trip.

5. Secures trip cancellation

Business travel plans can change abruptly because of business exigencies or personal matters. Consider opting for a trip cancellation cover to secure the business trip against postponement or cancellation issues.

6. Covers legal liabilities

There are a few Dubai travel insurance plans for business travelers providing cover for personal and legal liability. These plans help protect policyholders against unforeseen circumstances. They can take care of expenses to support legal proceedings in the foreign country.

7. Add-on riders to customize travel insurance plans

Established providers of Dubai travel insurance plans help business travelers from add-on riders for tailored insurance coverage. These can cover losses or expenses if the policyholder:

  • Is traveling to high-risk destinations
  • Has pre-existing medical conditions
  • Requires dental treatment
  • Is carrying luxury items
  • Is traveling with electronic gadgets like a laptop, smartphone, or tabs

These additional coverage plans to enhance the basic insurance coverage are available for an extra premium.

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Dubai is among the most sought-after tourist and business hubs in the UAE. Thorough planning is crucial for a successful and enjoyable Dubai trip. Sometimes, uncertainties of travel or emergencies can catch you by surprise. A health emergency like a pandemic, accident, or illness can derail your travel plans. Purchasing comprehensive travel insurance is a prudent approach before you embark on your next overseas trip.

A valid travel insurance for a Dubai tourist visa is a must for individuals traveling to Dubai, regardless of the purpose of their visit. You can secure your Dubai trip by getting appropriate travel insurance coverage. Travel health insurance in Dubai can take care of expenses because of hospitalization, such as medication, daily allowance, and compassionate visits. It can also cover accidental death. Several affordable Dubai travel insurance plans cover non-medical expenses because of contingencies. These can secure your Dubai trips against theft, loss of baggage or passport, flight delays, and other unforeseen events. Further, travelers can book flights online from platforms such as Paxes and experience the benefits of Duty of Care provided with such travel packages.

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Dubai Travel Insurance FAQs

Why one needs Dubai travel insurance for traveling to Dubai?

Besides being a requirement, Dubai travel insurance secures policyholders against medical and non-medical emergencies.

Which is an ideal time to visit Dubai?

The right time to visit Dubai is between November and March, a mild winter season. The climate is pleasant during this period, with temperatures ranging between 19 and 31 degrees C.

What are standard business hours and work days in Dubai?

The regular business hours are from 8.30 AM to 5 PM, with Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays being weekly holidays.

Which are the five most popular places to visit in Dubai?

Burj Khalifa, Dolphinarium, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Museum, and Dubai Fountain Show are the five most popular tourist spots in Dubai.

What are a few qualifying criteria for getting UAE business travel insurance?

The UAE business travel insurance policyholder should be above 18 years of age. They should have a valid business or trade in the UAE.



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