Frequent business trips can ruin the daily routine of an individual and lead to various health issues. Therefore, it becomes crucial to educate oneself about the healthy practices to follow while traveling for work. A fitness regime with a healthy diet can make a difference day and night for frequent fliers and travelers. Let us dig deep into the tips for frequent business travelers to remain healthy in the long run.

Health tips for frequent business travelers

1. Eat Healthy

In the fast-paced world, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet. However, the thought is far away from the truth. Business trips leave travelers with no choice but to eat outside. Most of the time, they find themselves eating fast foods or food that is rich in calories. Irregular eating cycles are also a primary pattern that can be seen in business travelers.

Tips to eat healthily

  • When dining out look for restaurants that serve salads consisting of lean protein, steamed dishes, and whole grain breads.
  • You should try to eat healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds, or protein bars.
  • Avoid overeating irregularly while on a business trip
  • Drink an adequate amount of water
  • Consult your dietitian to prepare personalized meals as per your body’s requirements

Mistakes to avoid

  • Don’t give in to the urge of eating delicious food that contains excess oil and spices
  • Avoid drinking alcohol on the trips. In case you are in social situations, ensure to limit it to the minimum
  • Never skip your breakfast as it will give you the necessary energy needed to start your day
  • While selecting your food options, don’t give up on the social pressure

2. Practice exercise


Fitness is an important aspect of maintaining health on business trips. Though it will be almost impossible to maintain the regular fitness schedule that you have at home, you should get some exercise on the trip. You can also utilize the onsite gym offered by various hotels. In case the property doesn’t have a gym, you can make use of the nearby jogging tracks or parks. Exercising will not only help you maintain your fitness but will also uplift your mood with a sudden boost in energy.

Tips to maintain your fitness

  • Research well while choosing an accommodation ensuring an onsite gym or nearby activity area
  • Take some time out to perform normal exercises such as jogging, jumping jacks, stretching, etc.
  • Contact your health expert to understand the fitness regime better
  • Don’t overdo yourself by exercising heavily during the travel

Mistakes to avoid

  • Missing out on the exercise schedules
  • Not drinking adequate water and dehydrating your body
  • Overstressing yourself after or before a hectic schedule

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3. Meet the experts

Scheduling a meeting with health professionals can help you with insights into health and wellness. From designing an appropriate diet plan to checking the health status, a health professional will provide 360 degrees of consultation. Further, a travel agent can help you get the best location and itinerary schedule keeping your health checklist in mind. They can help you discover some of the hidden gems that will enhance the overall experience and boost your mental health.

Tips to find the experts

  • You can ask your colleagues or family members for references
  • Search online and look out for reviews while selecting professionals
  • Keep the contact for future references

Mistakes to avoid

  • Don’t hide anything related to health or otherwise
  • Double-check for the authenticity of the expert

4. Choose the right location

Negotiate trip itineraries with your travel managers and find a schedule that also pays attention to your health. Select accommodations with health and wellness centers such as gyms, spas, etc. Additionally, the accommodation should offer a menu that also contains healthy food options. The hotel should maintain cleanliness and hygiene with daily housekeeping services. The rooms should have adequate ventilation and temperature control as per the environment.

Tips to find the right location 

  • Easy to find a comfortable transport
  • Research well while booking an accommodation
  • Look for reviews, restaurant menus, and other facilities offered by the hotel

Mistakes to avoid

  • Book shady hotels with bad reviews due to low tariff
  • Overlook the cleanliness and freshness of bedsheets, pillow covers, blankets

5. Take breaks


Taking breaks and stretching out in between long meetings will provide a sense of relaxation and avoid health issues such as spondylitis. You can also rejuvenate yourself by practicing breathing exercises and effectively reducing stress levels. Taking a break from work and exploring the nearby locations will further help you relax and promote productivity.

Corporations set high expectations for employees traveling for business. Companies demand high productivity and ROI which comprises the health of the traveler. Therefore, knowing the best tips for frequent travelers to maintain their health becomes unskippable. Besides researching more on the tips mentioned above, you should connect with an expert for detailed and personalized advice.

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Tips For Frequent Business Travelers FAQs

What are some health tips for frequent business travelers?

Stay hydrated, pack healthy snacks, and make time for exercise.

How can I stay active while traveling for business?

Research hotel facilities with gyms or fitness centers and take advantage of opportunities while exploring the city.

How can I manage jet lag during business travel?

Adjust your sleep schedule a few days before your trip, Stay hydrated by drinking plenty and get natural sunlight exposure.

How can I eat healthy while traveling for business?

Research restaurants or cafes in advance that offer healthy meal options.


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