Making a first business travel trip can be exciting and daunting for non frequent travelers. It is important to prepare for the trip beforehands in order to ward off things that can go wrong. Planning for the trip will help you gain the necessary confidence and ensure you don’t miss out on any essential detail. Additionally, it will enable you to focus on the corporate goal of the trip better. Before you embark on the journey, let us assist you with some beneficial first time business travel tips.

First time business travel tips

1. Make a list of essentials

Packing a bag full of non-essential things will unnecessarily burden you during the trip. While leaving crucial stuff such as medicine behind can become a major inconvenience. Therefore, you must make a list of things that you would need on the trip and pack accordingly. You should keep a pair of business suits for meeting with clients and along with keeping comfortable clothing for the hotel. Double check the electronics, chargers, business cards, ATM and other such gadgets. For overlays, it is better to pack a comfortable neck pillow and toiletries just in case you need them.

2. Familiarize with flight policy

Booking air tickets can be a challenging task. While the booking process is being made simple by various online platforms, it is hard to know the travel policy of these airlines. Travelers often miss on important details such as if the ticket is refundable or not, what is the baggage policy of the airline and more. Therefore, it is crucial to know these fine detailed terms and conditions before making the booking. Also, you should be aware of the corporate travel policy that your company has in place for you to avoid reimbursement inconvenience.

3. Look out for airport lounges


Most of the time airliners try to maintain a strict flight schedule. However, there may be cases when flight delays become inevitable. Weather conditions, and unavailability of landing strips are among the top reasons for the delays. Employees will have to spend time in such cases at the airport. Therefore, finding out about the lounges and credit cards they accept will be really helpful. Some of these lounges also offer unlimited access to food and amenities at very nominal costs to their partner bank’s credit card users. Lounges can also be helpful to relax in case you have connecting flights.

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4. Know the documents required

National and International air travel require strict document verification. Travelers should ensure to keep the documents such as passport, visa, IDs ready and produce them in front of the authorities. Further, keeping an eye on the visa validation is crucial to avoid inconveniences. You will also require vaccination and other health certificates at the checkpoint of the airports of various countries.

5. Check news on political situations

Before heading out to a foreign land, it is good to research about the political and geographical condition of the country. In case, there has been a recent unrest, request the travel manager to change the schedule to some other dates. Conducting research on the country will also enable you with the necessary information on which areas to avoid while you are on your trip.

6. Memorize the Itinerary

It may be hard to check the itinerary and other details with the travel manager each time. Hence, it is better to keep a hard copy with you at all times. The hard copy should maintain the important details such as accommodation dates, location, meeting schedules, flight details and more. You should also make notes and memorize it for quick check-ins. Ensure to review it from time to time to avoid making mistakes.

7. Explore the dining options

While your travel manager will have fixed everything for you, you can also explore the restaurants with a menu that suits your taste. Selecting the right diner will open several options but finding the one that is near to your stay is the most logical. Further, you can check if the hotel at which you are staying provides food or not.

Though it may be nerve wracking to go on a business trip alone, you can eliminate the number of things that can go wrong by appropriate planning. First time business trip tips can help you have a fun experience. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the local tradition and avoid offending the local sentiments. Be polite and respectful at all times.

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First Time Business Travel Tips FAQS

How can you make friendly connections in a new country?

You can do so by researching on the culture of the country you are visiting. Also, be polite and respect local traditions.

How to choose a suitable flight?

Before researching on the flights, you should define your needs clearly. If you want affordable flights go for economy class, but if you want the best experience you can book first class.

What are the things to keep in mind while traveling internationally?

You should check the documents required, rules of the country, how to exchange money and other such details.


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