Travel Expense Reimbursement: Importance, Process and Platform

Implementing a faster, precise, and transparent business travel expense reimbursement process is crucial as travel expenditure contributes substantially to an organization’s operating costs. The process of travel expense reporting, approving, checking, and reimbursing consumes the valuable time of employees, line managers, and office staff. (more…)

The Effective Management Of Work Related Travel Expenses

Employees incur several costs during business trips or work related activities, like purchasing stationary for presentations, taking clients out on lunch, and more. Companies settle these expenses through reimbursements after the employee submits an expense report. Controlling business travel costs is crucial as work related travel expenses account for the top expenditure among all business overheads. (more…)

8 Tips To Get Best Deals On Corporate Flight Bookings

Business trips can be fruitful and frustrating simultaneously, depending on the outcome of the trip and the experience of the traveling executives. While there are several downsides to poorly planned and executed business travel, one of the most challenging things is booking corporate flights. Corporates look to save money at every step of the business trip. When it comes to corporate flight bookings, saving money means affordable flights at peak hours and booking tickets of less popular flights. (more…)


Top 5 Advantages Of Travel Management Process Flow

Travel managers remain inundated with queries, requests, and suggestions from employees about upcoming business travel plans. Amongst the worst nightmares of a corporate travel manager is handling last-minute changes in itineraries and cancellations. If the manager is dealing with group bookings, the problem multiplies exponentially. To eliminate such issues, corporations require efficient travel management process flow. (more…)


All About Global Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travel management has become an imperative element of every business. Companies must tap global opportunities to remain competitive and achieve their ambitious growth targets. Further, networking with like-minded international partners is necessary to reach a global presence. Consequently, the executives of the company must travel constantly. However, making travel plans for your executives can be hassling and time-consuming task. Finding the best deal can be a considerable challenge with so many routes and air travel options. Organizing employees’ travel itineraries is another central area of concern. The biggest challenge is keeping corporate travel costs under control.

Modern business travelers expect a smooth, easy self-booking process and wider travel options. On the other hand companies look to minimize costs and boost the ROI of corporate travel. The best way of achieving a near-perfect global corporate travel management strategy is to work with modern travel management companies using advanced booking platforms like Paxes. (more…)


Why Is Corporate Travel Planning Important For Businesses

Corporate travel is essential for any enterprise looking to grow and expand. It helps build a productive network, and increases the company’s exposure and visibility. Further, business travel is gradually picking up pace and coming back to normal post-pandemic. Executives are making business trips all over the world to hold meetings and strike deals. Therefore, corporate travel planning has become all the more important. (more…)


Why Is Travel Risk Management Solutions Needed By An Organization

Corporate organizations are constantly under pressure, especially after COVID-19, to fulfill their duty of care obligations during corporate travel trips. They are taking all measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees throughout the journey. The global political situation is quite tense, hence a comprehensive travel risk management policy is much needed. It helps an organization adapt to the regularly changing conditions and ensures employee safety with relevant travel risk management (TRM) solutions. (more…)


5 Valuable Tips On How To Manage Corporate Travel

Business travel is a critical element for corporate growth. Employees travel for different purposes such as sales, marketing, training, trade shows, and business meetings. Managing business travel bookings is tricky because of several out-of-control factors, including flight delays and cancelations. Corporate travel managers must have proper training on how to manage corporate travel to offer a safe and satisfying travel experience. (more…)


Decoding The 6 Phases Of Corporate Travel Management

With a sudden surge in the corporate space, business travel has grown rapidly over the years. Further, future projections of corporate travel look extremely promising. Thus, most companies are seeking better ways to manage their employees’ corporate travel and opting for 6 phases of the corporate travel management process rather than the old two-phase model. (more…)


How To Save Money On Business Travel Of Employees

Research says that the market size of the business travel industry in India crossed $31.7 billion in the year of 2021. Further, nearly half of those employees do not inform their companies about the travel details, such as where they will stay or the flights they have booked. The huge business travel volume and non-compliance with norms is the primary reason for such cost translations. Therefore, it becomes essential to know how to save money on business travel. (more…)

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