Gadgets for business travelers evolve with the technology and the needs of travelers. Business travel gadgets serve multiple purposes. Besides essential travel gear like a travel adapter and power bank, you will need travel gadgets and accessories to organize personal items and make your travel comfortable. Some of the best travel gadgets help you maintain your health and hygiene during business trips across multiple destinations.

How to choose the best business travel gadgets

Focus on space-saving attributes when shopping for business travel gadgets and accessories, as bulky gadgets occupy bigger space in your business travel luggage, impacting your travel experience.

  • User-friendly and useful: High-tech gadgets may have a steep learning curve. Select a travel gadget having user-friendly features besides usefulness.
  • Space-saving and lightweight design: A minimalist attitude is crucial while choosing gadgets for travel, as these will add to the weight of luggage. Lightweight accessories are suitable for air travel, as carrying bulky luggage will add to the inconvenience and cost of air travel.
  • Durable: Gadgets for business travelers add to the convenience of travel. These should sustain jerks and shocks during the travel and routine wear and tear.

The following gadgets incorporate these features to help you select cool portable gadgets for business travelers.

Top travel gadgets for business travel

1. Carry-on suitcase with smart features


The new generation of business luggage caters to the needs of a comfortable travel and boasts of a high-tech appearance. It can conveniently slide into the overhead baggage compartments and help you breeze through the security checkpoints with its TSA-compatible locks and battery. The bag enables location tracking, charging, and smart locking facility from your phone. You can adjust the luggage weight by weighing the bag through the app to avoid extra baggage charges.

2. Compact cord organizer

Finding your phone charger while traveling is cumbersome. The compact cord organizer solves the problem of storing adaptors and charging cables neatly. The space-saving design of the cord organizer helps you pack it in your backpack with no hassles.

3. Document organizer

An ideal document organizer is compact and lightweight. It has dedicated compartments to keep cash, passport, boarding pass, and other vital travel documents. RFID-safe document organizers secure the data by preventing accidental or intentional scanning of credit cards and other items.

4. Reusable water bottle

It may sound basic, but a reusable water bottle is among highly crucial business travel gadgets and accessories. It saves you a lot of hassles finding the source of drinking water or an outlet selling mineral water bottles.

There are several health risks to consider while purchasing local brands of water bottles. A good quality reusable water bottle is a helpful travel accessory to save money, as branded water bottles at airports are over-priced.

5. Noise-canceling headphones

The noise-canceling headphone improves your travel experience by enhancing in-flight entertainment and preventing distractions while catching up with unfinished work or taking a nap. The noise-canceling headphones boost sound quality when you are enjoying movies or music. Wireless headphones are convenient option, but using wired headphones is better as some airlines prohibit wireless devices during the flight.

6. Power banks

A smartphone running low on a low battery can disrupt the business travel. Never leave your home for a business trip without a power bank. Ideally, carry two power banks to play safe. Having a fast-charging power bank will save you time during a hectic schedule. Select a portable charger with multiple USB ports to charge more devices simultaneously.

7. Multifunctional travel adaptor

A universal travel adaptor is a vital travel gadget when visiting different countries, as the charging points may be of different specifications. An international adaptor is usually compatible with outlets, across the European Union, North America, and Australia. The best business travel gadgets, like travel adaptors, provide multifunctional features to charge multiple devices like wireless headphones, laptops, tablets, and eBook readers.

8. Neck pillows

Travelling can play havoc with your neck muscles, especially if it is a long-haul flight. A neck pillow is essential travel gadget for business travelers who travel frequently. Choose the one having a compact size and quality foam that prevents your head from rolling. The shape of the neck pillow must not push your head in the forward direction. Always use a neck pillow with a washable cover. Some neck pillows come with a strap to tie around the headrest. It is helpful to stop your head from rolling away.

9. E-reader

An E-reader is an essential travel gadget to help you read your favorite books in your spare time or during long-haul flights. Choose an eBook reader with long battery life. It allows you to select the font size for the comfort of reading.

10. Bluetooth tracker

It is common to lose or misplace things while traveling. Placing a blue tooth tracker on your mission-critical gadgets or essential items like wallet or keys will help you track the precise position. These devices work with a complimentary app and operate through the blue tooth.


Travel gadgets help business travelers save money, time, and effort while improving the traveling experience. The best travel gadgets for business travelers mitigate the stress of business travel and make the trip more enjoyable. Choose business travel gadgets and accessories offering versatility, compatibility, and durability to make your life easier during business trips.

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Business Travel Gadgets FAQs

How to reduce the stress of business travel?

Using cool travel gadgets helps you improve your traveling experience. These gadgets help organize your travel and reduce stress.

Is it worth buying expensive travel gadgets and accessories?

Most travel gadgets provide diverse functionalities. The benefits of using these gadgets usually outweigh the price.

Where should one purchase travel gadgets and accessories?

Online shopping platforms enable shopping for travel gadgets. You may try airport shops for last-minute shopping during your business trips.

How to store small items like toiletries and a first aid-kit?

Consider a travel organizer with several compartments and zips to store small items like toiletries.

Which is the suitable travel gadget to remove wrinkles from clothes?

Consider using a fabric steamer to erase wrinkles from outfits during travel.


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