The COVID-19 pandemic closed international borders, bringing overseas business travel to a screeching halt. Vaccination drives changed the scenario as travelers with vaccine coverage could travel across borders. Introduction of the vaccine passport app streamlined business travel, opening the doors of international travel.

The easing of travel restrictions in the post-pandemic period made several countries lift restrictions on air travel, causing inconsistent travel requirements. Access to the COVID-19 vaccine passport app ensures seamless business travel across countries, irrespective of travel regulations. These apps are crucial as more new strains of the virus continue to emerge, adding to uncertainties of overseas business travel.

The concept of a vaccine passport to help travelers move freely across borders gained traction after the development of COVID-19 vaccines. Most countries rolled out mass vaccination drives to arrest the spread and to immunize their citizens against COVID-19 infections.

What is the COVID-19 vaccine passport?

A vaccine certificate is a standard requirement for most countries to establish that the international traveler will not transmit certain infections like yellow fever, cholera, hepatitis, influenza, and COVID-19. A more convenient way to carry a vaccine certificate is a digital vaccine passport.

Unlike a paper certificate, a digital vaccine passport for COVID-19 provides seamless access through an app while crossing borders, boarding flights, or visiting public places like a gym, restaurant, or movie theater. The best vaccine passport app helped boost tourism, hospitality, and other sectors. Businesses began operating smoothly by allowing entry with a vaccine passport app.

A COVID-19 vaccine passport is an official document providing details of the vaccination record of the individual, like the number of doses, dates of vaccination, and the type of vaccine. The vaccine passport confirms you will not spread the infection because of proper immunization. Travelers should refer to official travel advisories for the latest information, although Dubai lifted all COVID-19 precautionary measures on November 8, 2022.

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Where might you be required to present a COVID-19 passport?

People could not step out of their homes during the lockdown era. The vaccine passport app helped change the scenario, as one can freely enter public places and travel to domestic and international destinations. The requirement for a vaccine passport varies in different countries.

Vaccine passports are mandatory to visit shopping malls, retail stores, clinics, schools, offices, and other public places in most countries. International travel also mandates COVID-19 vaccination passports.

Some countries require negative PCR test reports, the latest vaccination status, or both. Business travelers should confirm the travel requirements of the destination country before planning international business travel. A vaccine passport app or a digital health passport ensures smooth business travel regardless of travel requirements.

Top Vaccine Passport Apps


The vaccine passport app saves you from the hassles of carrying physical vaccine certificates. The app allows travelers to store and access vaccine passports from their smartphones. Selection of the best vaccine passport app is essential for safe and smooth business travel. The following list will help you choose the right vaccine passport app to facilitate business travel.


AL HOSN is UAE’s vaccine passport app providing contact tracing features to detect infected persons in proximity with the help of the BlueTooth technology. The app has a health coding facility providing unique QR codes and colors to determine the vaccine status of the person.

2. Green Health Pass

European Union’s standard vaccine passport, Green Health Pass, enables business travelers to store their vaccination records in digital format. The app can store negative test results or the recovery history of users. Green Health Pass is the only vaccine passport app compatible across all EU states.

3. Excelsior Pass

Excelsior Pass is a specific COVID-19 vaccine passport app for New York state. It helps users meet the vaccination and testing requirements of the state. The app facilitates the storage of PCR and antigen test results.

4. VeriFly

VeriFly is much more than a vaccine passport app, as it has several helpful features. It provides you with details of documentation you will need if you are planning to attend an event after you enter the event’s name. VeriFly is a helpful app if you are visiting destinations that have multiple entry regulations.

5. CommonPass

CommonPass is the product of the Commons Project and the World Economic Forum. Many leading airlines like Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, United, JetBlue, and Swiss International are leveraging CommonPass. Business travelers can connect their test results with a country’s travel regulations by using CommonPass.

6. IATA Travel Pass

Frequent business travelers who travel to multiple international destinations may prefer IATA Travel Pass. It is compatible with the travel requirements of over 52 countries. The vaccine passport app supports a broad spectrum of overseas travel requirements.

7. Airside

Airside is a suitable choice if you want an all-in-one travel app to store important travel documents like passports and driver’s licenses. The app provides a seamless link with your vaccine certification status after verification of the user’s identity. Airside ensures anytime access to the digital formats of documents and stores these securely in the cloud.


The development of the COVID-19 vaccine passport app helped the global economy open up in the post-pandemic period. Vaccine apps enable business travelers and tourists to travel to diverse destinations safely. Vaccine passports help know a person’s health record and vaccination status. The digital health passes allow ease of scanning at international borders to save time. Business travelers can access these apps conveniently to retrieve information. Innovative technologies help users receive their test results and vaccination records on the app. Travelers can also use travel management platforms such as Paxes to book their flight conveniently.

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Vaccine Passport App FAQs

Who should use a vaccine passport apps?

The apps are suitable for everyone who travels to international destinations or visits public places that mandate a vaccination certificate.

Do airlines provide vaccine passport apps?

Some airlines, including Delta, enable travelers to upload the vaccination certificate on their app before traveling.

What is the current COVID-19 travel requirement for Dubai?

Dubai lifted all entry requirements for COVID-19 on 8th Nov 2022. Passengers leaving Dubai should meet the travel requirements of their final destination. One should check the travel requirements before traveling to any destination.

Which is the official COVID-19 app of UAE?

Al Hosn is the official app of UAE allowing users quick access to vaccination certificates, PCR test results, and COVID-19 test results.

What is the transit requirement for Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) citizens to travel to Dubai?

Citizens of GCC countries can travel to Dubai using their National Identity Cards.


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