Corporate travel agencies in Oman facilitate comprehensive business trips and their management. Top agencies are known for their exceptional technologically advanced AI integration and proactive staff. The agencies offer numerous benefits over individual management of corporate trips. These include bulk management of corporate trips, a high level of cost optimization, creative solutions to trip management, Duty of care, and a 24×7 support system. However, it is hard to select the right fit for your organization as per the requirements. Therefore, let us explore some of the top corporate travel agencies in Oman in detail.

Top corporate travel agencies in Oman

1. Eihab Travels

Established in 1978, Eihab Travels is a premier IATA-accredited agency. It has evolved into a comprehensive travel solutions provider since then. The agency is known to facilitate the growth of Oman’s travel and tourism industry. It caters to individuals and corporates with top-notch services in travel, ticketing, holidays, and ancillary offerings. Comprising three distinct business lines—Airline Ticketing, Outbound, and Inbound Travel—the company boasts independently managed divisions led by dedicated professionals. The agency is owned by the OHI Group, a diverse business conglomerate in Oman. It stands out for its experienced operations, stellar reputation, technology-enabled services, value-driven approach, and unwavering customer focus. The specialized teams tailor outbound holiday packages, explore Oman’s tourism through Inbound operations, and efficiently manage corporate travel for leading businesses. It promises responsiveness, satisfaction, and peace of mind to every client.

Business Travel Agencies In Oman

2. Bahwan Group

Suhail Bahwan Group has been Oman’s foremost travel services provider for over four decades. It is a consortium of Sur Travel Agencies LLC (commercially known as Bahwan Travel Services), Bahwan Tourism LLC, and Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC. With a great track record and personalized service, these entities offer a diverse range of travel solutions. From corporate sales and representing major carriers to offering comprehensive inbound and outbound tourism services, they excel in meeting diverse travel needs. Bahwan Tourism’s car rental division pioneered the concept in Oman, maintaining a strong foothold in the market., a bilingual online travel platform, and innovative tools like and further enhance their commitment to customer satisfaction. With a rich history, global partnerships, and a commitment to excellence, this consortium promises to be a leader in Oman’s travel industry since its establishment in 1975.

3. BCD Travel

BCD Travel is excellent in organizing and managing business travel, optimizing expenditures, and providing an exceptional service level. Operating worldwide in over 106 countries, the company offers 24/7 support. It boasts a professional and committed team with a remarkable client retention rate of 97%. Recognized for sustainability with an EcoVadis Gold rating, BCD Travel provides an omni-channel solution compatible with various online booking tools. The agile system ensures data availability within 90 minutes. The VIP services, an innovative mindset, and a significant investment in technology contribute to the company being named ‘Most Admired TMC’ six times by The Beat. BCD Travel’s ‘yes we can’ attitude ensures comprehensive support, simplifying business trips and enhancing productivity, as demonstrated by success stories like Daimler’s three-click business trip model, resulting in substantial gains. With a focus on the future of business travel, BCD Travel sets itself apart with nothing less than the best.

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4. Blue Wings

Blue Wings stands is a distinguished travel management company, surpassing industry norms and consistently setting new standards. With a team of 24×7 Corporate Help Desk Agents, Blue Wings ensures excellence at every level of service. With professionals dynamically capitalizing on cost-saving opportunities, identifying program gaps, delivering cutting-edge travel technology solutions, and providing unparalleled service and personalization, the company is destined to achieve great results. Founded on the principle of Return on Investment (ROI), Blue Wings has engineered a unique and powerful method for cost optimization. It ensures a percentage of every client’s travel management spend is returned in cost savings. This commitment to ROI supported by Client Value Managers dedicated has propelled Blue Wings’s exponential growth in the GCC Market.

These were some of the top corporate travel agencies in Oman offering excellent business travel booking, management, and optimization services and suggestions. Before finalizing any of the agencies for your business, be sure to get in touch with authorized personnel of the agency for detailed understanding.

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Corporate Travel Agencies In Oman FAQst

How can one choose the right corporate travel agency in Oman?

Consider factors such as the agency reputation, technology integration, responsiveness, and client testimonials while choosing a corporate agency.

How does corporate travel platform help corporates and agencies?

Corporate travel management platforms like Paxes provide integration of travel policies, AI future preditcion, cost control, support and much more.

Which are the top corporate travel agencies in Oman?

Eihab Travels, Bahwan Group, BCD Travel, and Blue Wings are some of the top travel agencies in Oman.


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