More organizations are hiring a corporate travel agency to arrange business trips. These service providers are adept at organizing transportation, accommodation, and support while employees are on the move. Experienced corporate travel agents have vast domain experience and access to reputed travel vendors to recommend cost-effective and efficient business travel solutions. Small and medium businesses can consider hiring a corporate travel agency for small businesses to manage business travel within a smaller budget.

What is a corporate travel agency?

A corporate travel agency provides several services to help organizations manage their business travel programs. These service providers ensure a seamless travel experience, besides ensuring round-the-clock customer support. Some of the best corporate travel agencies provide dedicated travel agents for seamless travel management within the travel policy.

The corporate travel agent creates detailed travel itineraries by booking travel and accommodation. Employees receive prompt support for cancellation or re-booking in the event of an itinerary change. Business travelers save money and experience a smooth travel experience, as the corporate travel agency is a one-stop resource for foreign exchange, travel documentation, and rate negotiation.

Things to consider when choosing a corporate travel agency


Choosing a corporate travel agent with relevant travel industry accreditations ensures peace of mind. Business travelers get a broader spectrum of proven services covering domestic and international travel. Consider the following parameters to select a corporate travel agency.

1. Seamless travel booking

Trip booking is the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of business travel. Corporate travel agencies allow dedicated travel agents who are well-versed with the individual travel preferences of employees. They provide faster and more employee-oriented booking services to corporate clients. Using an automated booking platform helps travel management companies get more cost-effective bookings. Reputed travel management platforms like Paxes enable self-booking for greater employee satisfaction.

2. Relevant expertise across extensive geographies

Selecting a corporate travel agency matching the organization’s geographical coverage is crucial for the most optimum service. Large organizations should partner with travel service providers having global coverage. It will help them scale their travel program as the company expands the territory coverage.

3.Large inventory of travel suppliers

Established corporate travel agency builds an extensive inventory of travel vendors. It helps business travelers access myriad options while planning a business trip. Using multiple GDS services broadens the choice of travel vendors. The SaaS-based platform of Paxes enables travel management companies to access cost-efficient travel vendors at the click of a button.

4. Availability of bespoke customer support

Business travelers need personalized support to know specific information about local services or shorter routes. An instant availability of human support is crucial for smooth business travel. Business travelers may encounter travel disruptions, emergencies, and calamities during a business trip. Prompt emergency support through call or chat is essential while evaluating travel agencies.

5. Access to innovative technologies

Corporate travel agencies are increasingly adopting new technologies, such as SaaS and Artificial Intelligence, to streamline business travel. Chatbots can promptly resolve common queries of business travelers. It helps employees focus on more urgent issues requiring their personalized attention. AI-based travel solutions provide travel recommendations and suggestions to business travelers. Some of the best corporate travel agencies use AI technology to send real-time travel alerts to business travelers.

6. Additional services

The corporate travel agency should provide supportive services like visa and travel insurance besides travel booking. These ancillary services are crucial for business travelers undertaking international business tours. Check reviews and testimonials to know the reputation of the service providers before finalizing the travel agency.

Benefits of using a corporate travel agency

The right agency is a one-stop travel service destination to enhance business travel and minimize costs and risks. Business travelers and organizations can explore multiple benefits for streamlining their travel processes.

1. Saves time and hassles

Employees need not spend hours searching for accommodations and flights as a corporate travel agency provides efficient booking service at short notice.

2. Dependable traveler support


Employees get immediate assistance on the go for re-booking or canceling flight tickets, safety, weather, and travel alerts in real-time.’

3. First-hand travel suggestions

An agency provides knowledgeable travel recommendations for restaurants, places to visit, and local business etiquette because of their in-depth domain experience.

4. Special rates and upgrades

An agency’s strong relations with travel vendors enable business travelers to benefit from special rates, amenities, and upgrades.

5. End-to-end support

Employees get pre-trip, in-transit, and post-trip support with round-the-clock accessibility to resolve travel issues.


Organizations that send employees on frequent business trips benefit from hiring a corporate travel agency in several ways. These service providers have vast experience managing business travel by providing expert consultation, travel booking, and seamless travel support. More companies prefer hiring advanced travel management companies as they adopt innovative technologies for accurate and speedy travel booking services. Employees can book flights and hotels through online travel management platforms. Established travel management companies ensure travel policy compliance by using SaaS-based travel management tools like Paxes.

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Corporate Travel Agency FAQs

What are concierge services by a corporate travel agency?

A few corporate travel agencies provide additional services, such as airport lounge access, corporate travel insurance, and passport/ visa renewal to clients. These are concierge services.

What certifications or accreditations should one know while hiring a corporate travel agency?

Common travel industry accreditations include Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Does an advanced travel management platform allow the submission of expense reports?

Employees can quickly submit expenses by entering details and uploading a scanned receipt. They can create an expense report for the trip and submit it for approval.

Why is a travel management company better than a travel agency?

A corporate travel agency provides dedicated travel management support to the organization by aligning with travel policy.

What are a few objectives of business travel?

Corporate event participation, attending annual conferences, training programs, client servicing, branch work, vendor development, and business expansion are a few examples of business travel.


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