Organizations adopt advanced technologies to streamline management functions and improve the convenience of employees. A corporate travel tool is a perfect example of automating business travel management to elevate the travel experience by facilitating corporate travel. The online business travel booking process is evolving rapidly to provide seamless flexibility and access to user-friendly interfaces through apps.

SaaS technologies allow smooth integration of a corporate travel tool with the company’s expense management and HR. In addition, travel managers can leverage the platform to implement travel policy guidelines for total compliance at all employee levels.

Deploying an online booking tool for business travel is a popular trend among forward-thinking organizations. However, one must review a few vital features of these online solutions before deciding. Keep scrolling down to learn more.

What is a corporate travel management online booking tool?

A corporate travel management online booking tool is a software program to facilitate corporate travelers to book transportation and accommodation. The online corporate travel management platform streamlines the entire business travel process besides ensuring duty of care compliance, travel policy implementation, and expense management.

The online company travel booking solution allows the uploading of travel inventory comprising preferred vendors. Employees can easily access these vendors through the app to complete travel bookings. The booking tool supports travel policy configuration to facilitate compliance. SaaS-based travel management solutions enable receipt management and expense report submission.

Employees can create and submit expense reports online for faster approval and reimbursement. The corporate travel tool automates approval workflows to minimize delays.

Things to consider while opting for a business travel booking tool

A corporate travel tool is crucial for companies sending employees on frequent business trips. These online solutions help companies save travel costs besides streamlining travel management and policy compliance. You can offer an exceptional booking experience and round-the-clock support to employees when they are on a business trip. Consider the following features when looking for a great online business travel booking solution to explore maximum benefits.

1. Intuitive dashboard with user-friendly functionalities

A user-friendly corporate travel tool facilitates its adoption across all employee levels and departments. Choosing a travel management platform with an intuitive dashboard is crucial for seamless implementation. The online travel management application should be easy to deploy and configure.

2. Customizability

Each organization has different travel needs. Customizable software for online business travel booking ensures a hassle-free booking experience for your employees. It should support integration with expense management tools, HRMS, and other ERP systems for complete control of various functionalities and business processes. You should be able to integrate your travel policy into a corporate travel tool for the success of your organization’s travel program.

3. Booking updates and online support

Real-time travel updates are necessary to help business travelers know the exact position of booking and flights. The automatic updates may comprise booking confirmations, flight updates, invoices, tariffs, and weather information. Round-the-clock human customer support to resolve queries and make last-minute travel arrangements.

4. Access to travel inventory

A reputed corporate travel tool ensures direct access to GDS and NDC airlines. It allows seamless association with regional LCCs and SOTO airlines. Employees can easily access preferred vendors through the app. Travel managers can update the travel inventory to include trips, accommodations, and rental options.

5. Smartphone compatibility

A travel management platform must be accessible from anywhere through a mobile app because the end-users are business travelers. The software platform should provide access to all stakeholders, such as travel managers, line managers, and booking agents. Round-the-clock remote access is an essential feature of an ideal corporate travel tool.

6. Ability to generate analytics

Travel managers and finance teams need to generate reports for an in-depth review of travel and expenses. These analytics are crucial for reviewing travel costs, making policy decisions, and detecting travel expense fraud. The reports by travel routes, employees, and departments are helpful for appropriate budgeting for business travel. It should provide access to centralized data on travel suppliers, employee information, and periodic booking volumes.

7. Duty of care implementation

Duty of care is a moral and legal responsibility of employers. Online business travel booking solutions provide continuous employee tracking and real-time alerts through the mobile app. Employers can track travelers in emergencies to provide instant support for their safety and well-being.


Implementing a corporate travel tool like Paxes is more of a necessity than an option, as it ensures cost savings and seamless travel management. Employees can quickly complete travel bookings and submit reports through the smartphone app for a great travel experience. It provides a vast inventory of transport and accommodation options and eliminates the hassles of finding the appropriate travel suppliers.

Choosing a SaaS-based customizable travel booking tool improves the travel experience of employees while assuring optimization of travel costs through greater travel policy compliance.

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Corporate Travel Tool FAQs

What is a corporate travel tool?

A corporate online booking tool or an OBT is an online travel management platform to support self-booking, expense management, travel policy implementation, and duty of care.

What is an aggregator website?

The aggregator website is a booking and search engine to find travel suppliers for any travel destination.

What are the advantages of online booking tools?

Online booking tools improve policy compliance, save travel costs, and provide flexibility and convenience for travel booking from any location.

Does a corporate travel management tool enable payments?

Employees can use a travel management platform to complete the online booking by paying through corporate cards or personal debit cards.

How does a corporate booking tool help save travel costs?

Online booking tools improve travel policy compliance, preventing out-of-policy bookings. Travel managers can build an inventory of preferred travel suppliers to boost travel cost savings.


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