In the modern world, corporate employees have to travel overseas and work tight schedules for ensuring high ROI. While occasional flights are a respite from daily work routines, regular long-haul flights can be an issue. More than fatigue, boredom poses a significant challenge. Therefore, it becomes highly essential to plan your journey well and enjoy your trip as much as possible. Let us discuss things to do during a long flight in this article.

Engaging things to do during a long flight

1. In-flight entertainment

In the age of electronics, one knows how to keep them entertained where human contact is minimal. Also, at a few thousand feet from the earth, the internet is not accessible. Therefore, you should download your favorite TV shows, movies, music, etc. To enhance the overall experience of your journey and binge-watching, in the things to take on a long flight you can bring noise-canceling earphones. Among the fun things to do on a long flight, you can download various offline games, audiobooks, or e-books to keep yourself busy and away from boredom. If traveling with a group, you can play card games and board games to pass the time.

2. Relaxation techniques

Long-haul flights are challenging physically and mentally. The negatives increase when you are not traveling business or first class. To tackle such issues, you can pack yourself a comfortable neck pillow. Also, if you want to sleep peacefully you can keep an eye mask and block out the natural and cabin light during the daytime. You can download some relaxation apps to help you meditate on your seat itself. You can practice breathing exercises and regular stretching to keep yourself focused and physically tension free.

3. Stay hydrated and nourished

The cabins of airplanes can present an atmosphere of low humidity that may lead to dehydration in some cases. Hence, one should ensure to keep themselves hydrated and drink a considerable amount of water. You can also drink fruit juices to preserve and maintain energy levels. You should avoid excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol that further dehydrates an individual. You can also carry some fruits, energy bars, nuts, or special meals as directed by your physician.

4. Physical comfort

Wearing comfortable clothes can help you stay relaxed during a long-haul flight. You should wear loose and stretchable clothes while you are on a flight and can change into your business attire while getting off the flight. Additionally, you should ensure to layer yourself with different counts of clothes as per the cabin temperature. You take short walks when the flight is stable and prevent numbness from long seating.

5. Productivity and learning


With so much time in hand, it is a wise decision to fulfill every minute of it by learning new skills. While you are on a flight, it is an apt setting with a quiet ambiance to focus on your pending work. You can bring your laptop, tablet, or other electronic device that can enhance your productivity. Make sure to pack a power bank for additional hours of battery to finish off your work or read a good book.

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6. Skincare and comfort

When you are in flight your skill takes a hit from the atmosphere and the cabin environment. Hence, you should carry lip balm, moisturizer, and facial wipes to maintain healthy skin during the trip. You can also use hydrating masks to tackle the dryness that is caused by the surroundings and long travel and refresh your skin.

7. Time management

While jet lag is real, its management is also a possibility. Before setting off for a trip, you can prepare yourself for the local time zone by mentally transitioning yourself to the time difference. Adjust your time and clocks as per the destination time zone. Plan your sleep schedule and try to attempt it to align with the time of your destination. In case you are trying to align the sleep cycle during the daytime, you can make use of eye masks and sleep therapy.

8. Stay active

Sitting for long hours can cause stiffness in the body with minimal discomfort to irritating pain. Hence, you should stand up at regular hours and take a walk around the aisle. You can also do some simple exercises from time to time to maintain the blood flow in your body. You can rotate your ankles, do neck stretches, or shoulder rolls. This will remove muscle tension and remove any discomfort.

By following these tips for things to do during a long flight, you can transform a long-haul flight into a more enjoyable and comfortable experience. Remember to prioritize entertainment, relaxation, hydration, and staying active during the flight. Additionally, personalize your space and manage your time effectively to reduce the impact of jet lag. Safe travels and enjoy your journey!

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Things To Do During A Long Flight FAQs

What is a long-haul flight?

Long-haul flights are flights that cover a significant distance, usually over 6-8 hours in one run. It can range up to 16 hours sometimes They are generally inter-continental flights.

How to prepare for a long-haul flight?

Ensure you have your essential documents, comfortable clothing, entertainment sources like downloaded movies, series, books, and music, personal care items, and electronic devices. You should also carry light snacks to munch during the flight.

How can I sleep on a long-haul flight?

Flights are generally quiet, it can be perfect for a little relaxation. Bring your neck pillow, eye mask, and earplugs on a long-haul flight. You can also download some soothing music on your devices to help you sleep.

How to prevent jet lag after a long-haul flight?

Adjust your sleep schedule according to the place you’re visiting. You can always set your clocks according to different time-zone to be aware of their sleeping schedules. Consider taking short naps wherever possible to prevent jet lags.

How to stay entertained during long-haul flights?

Download your favorite movies, series, or books for the long-haul flights. Make sure to keep power banks with you. You can also bring up board games or card games to the flight if you’re traveling with a group of friends.


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