Dubai’s fascinating transformation to a global commercial and tourist hub ranks it among the most popular destinations for business and leisure trips. It is also home to international trade exhibitions, conferences, and business meetings, drawing hundreds and thousands of business delegates from different countries. The city presents a wealth of opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. However, one should get a valid visa before visiting Dubai to avoid any inconveniences. A business visa to Dubai requirements include a list of authentic proof depending on the business traveler’s native country.

What are the eligibility criteria for a Dubai business visa?

Dubai business visa is suitable for corporate owners, entrepreneurs, or employees having business interests. Following are the eligibility requirements according to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).

Besides fulfillment of documents for a business visa, the applicant should:

  • Provide a business plan for business setup or expansion in Dubai
  • Demonstrate the intention of relocating to the UAE to establish the business
  • Have experience in successfully running the business
  • Be a principal shareholder or part of the leadership in a business enterprise
  • Be above 18 years of age

Meeting the eligibility requirements for the business visa is not enough. A review committee makes the final decision after a thorough inspection of the application and documents for a business visa.

What documents are needed in business visa to Dubai requirements?


These are the necessary documents for a business visa:

  • Copy of the front and last page of the passport that has a minimum validity of up to six months from the travel date
  • Original air ticket with return or onward journey
  • NOC from father or husband for female visa applicants
  • Business visa application
  • Two recent passport photos with a white background
  • Letter of invitation from the partner or sponsor
  • Applicant’s letter mentioning the purpose of the business visit
  • Hotel reservation copy
  • Company’s or employer’s letter confirming the intention of visits such as meetings, trade fairs, business expansion, and training
  • Proofs of investments anywhere in the UAE
  • Original and copies of Income Tax Returns

What are the types of business visas in Dubai?

Depending on the business visa applicant’s eligibility and the purpose of the visit, the following Dubai business visas are available:

1. Visit visas

Business travelers can explore business opportunities by getting visit visas. These are single or multiple-entry visas. Multiple entry business visa is suitable for attending trade exhibitions and business meetings with partners, clients, and business associates. A six-month temporary business visa allows applicants to visit Dubai multiple times to find business opportunities for living permanently. They will have to convert the temporary visa into a residency permit before it expires.

2. Resident visas

Business owners or employees can leverage free-zone and mainland visas to live in Dubai as residents. These are company-sponsored visas. Company owners, entrepreneurs, and shareholders can get a free-zone visa to enter and live in the free zones in Dubai. It is valid for three years. Mainland visa is for ex-pat business owners. A local sponsor is necessary for a visa on behalf of their company in Dubai.

Green and golden visas are self-sponsored visas. A green visa is suitable for skilled employees with a valid employment contract to stay in Dubai for up to five years. The golden visa allows investors, startup founders, technocrats, and scientists to stay in Dubai.

What is the process for applying for a Dubai business visa?

Aspiring business visa applicants should get the approval of the Dubai visa nomination from Area 2071. It works as an incubator to facilitate the faster development of companies and startups through resources and services.

  • Approval of the application
  • The applicant receives a link to submit documents for a business visa from the Federal Authority for identity, citizenship, customs, and ports security through email communication
  • The applicant completes the business visa to Dubai requirements by paying the business visa price
  • They will receive an email with a link for downloading the visa following the approval. (Applicants may apply again in case of business visa rejection after 90 days)

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The application and submission of documents for a business visa are crucial steps before entering Dubai to explore the vast pool of business opportunities. There are multiple visa options to match the purpose of business visits to Dubai. A single entry visa helps business owners or investors explore the possibilities of setting up a business. Multiple entry visa is perfect for regular business visitors to Dubai. Most business travelers choose a multiple-entry business visa to attend business meetings, conferences, or trade events.

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Business Visa To Dubai Requirements FAQs

Which visa is suitable for business travelers planning to visit Dubai for several days?

Business travelers may opt for a 14-day single entry visa for brief business trips.

Is it possible to convert a business visa into a UAE resident permit?

One may convert a business visa into a residency permit before the expiration of the visa.

What is the processing time of a Dubai business visa application?

The usual processing time for a Dubai business visa is about two months. One month for application review and nomination and another month for fulfilling the ICA requirements after the nomination. Citizens from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries can expect faster processing of visa applications.

Can an applicant for the Dubai business visa sponsor their family?

Dubai business visa holders can sponsor their families by showing proof of a relationship.

What purpose does a Dubai business visa serve?

A Dubai business visa enables business owners to explore business opportunities in Dubai through market research. It also entitles the visa holder to become a permanent resident by successfully establishing a business in Dubai.


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